How Much Should I Budget for My Kitchen Renovation?

When considering a renovation one of the first questions you’ll want answered is “how much is my kitchen renovation going to cost?” To get a firm answer you’ll need to walk through the design process with a professional, but let’s be honest – before you get serious you’re going to want to know approximately how many zeros you should expect behind that dollar sign.

It’s important to know that there are many factors which will impact renovation costs including the size of your kitchen, cabinetry material and finish, appliances, electrical work, structural needs, plumbing and more. Keeping that in mind, one popular method for very rough ballpark budgeting is based on your property value.

Move the property slider below to see a very rough ballpark budget range

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Refine Your Budget with a Renovation Professional

So now you have a rough starting point for your budget – what’s next? You’ll need to meet with a professional designer to work out all the details. Enter your information below and we’ll get in touch to schedule your personal design consultation.