Builder & Contractor Testimonials

Site Supervisor – Jeff L.

“I scored Legacy Kitchens at 100% because of what happened this morning. We had a unit change from Sale to Spec, so we scrambled to change the countertops from hard surface to laminate. Our plumber arrived at site and the sink tops were not cut out. I called Talisa and she had someone there to cut them out by noon. That is mind boggling service. I didn’t expect it to happen right away and I feel that I gave her a realistic timeline to have it done by. But she went to work and was able to get someone right there. Talisa exceeded my expectations and our plumber was still on site, so he didn’t have to make a second trip. I have Legacy Kitchens’ cabinetry in my own home. Three years ago, I did a reno and I was impressed with the product, the price, the installation, the options and the ideas that the Designer suggested. Now anyone who sees my home is blown away by our kitchen. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I recommend Legacy Kitchens all day long.”

Project Coordination Manager – Dawn B.

“I know we had a very difficult client a while back who was quite demanding. Legacy Kitchens really stepped up and worked with us to please him. We try and align with trade partners who will look out for us. I value the good Trade Partnership that we have with Legacy Kitchens. Tanys does a good job as she gets back to us, she is open and honest, and she is good to our clients. That makes business easy. I think Legacy Kitchens is good at pushing new colors out. I know they have been introducing some new colors (recently). On the Customer Service side, Tanys has been phenomenal. She gets to know our customers, creates a good kitchen for them and our customers are happy.”

Site Supervisor – Timo M.

“We have the odd glitch, but if we find an issue Legacy Kitchens deals with it. People make mistakes, but Legacy is quick to respond. It gets looked after and that is the key.”

Contractor – Jacques

“The showroom is the first thing customers see and it’s impressive. People can find what they want there. They have all the cabinet doors you can imagine, the hardware and a good selection of colours. The Designer is also important and I think we make a good team. It’s important that people know that Legacy is a good company who takes care of their clients. Legacy makes sure we are satisfied. Susan told me not to hesitate to let her know if something isn’t right. I haven’t had to say anything, because it is all done as expected.”

Estimating & Purchasing Manager – Petr P.

“From my experience, any issues we have, they are willing to listen to and try to accommodate our needs. Legacy Kitchens knows how to listen, understand and keep our current business. As a Supplier, they have a bigger view on business. There have been some savings, they have listened and they adjusted. It is good, I deal with Legacy Kitchen’s staff and sometimes Stephen B. Every time I call for a meeting, they are available. I would say that Legacy is matching our level of urgency.”

Site Supervisor – Michael E.

“I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of their immediate response, flawless system, process and quality installation, service, relationships. I deal with Legacy Kitchens on many facets, from site measure and mark out to installation and final service. Legacy’s systems are pretty flawless. They have a process whereby they pre­schedule an inspection and then do the touch up service. Their system works very well.”

Site Supervisor – Bryon M.

“I think the product at Legacy Kitchens is good. Part of my recommendation would be based on the price but there are a lot of different cabinet suppliers out there. When Legacy Kitchens says the product will be there, it is there. I trust them and that helps, as I don’t have to worry about it. For us, we make a schedule and we need to stay on it. We have been through Legacy Kitchens’ warehouse and it is professionally laid out. They have a lot of people and they run a very professional company. I think that makes them a leader in the industry.”

Production Manager – Stewart C.

“Legacy Kitchens is a well managed company. They provide quality product and have an ability to get the job done right the first time. They have fantastic follow through, if there are issues. Legacy is a very service oriented company. It is tough to find a company with competitive prices who will follow through on the service end. When you find a company like that, it is tough to let them go. I have worked with Legacy Kitchens for 15 years and they are a top notch company. They show up for Mark­outs, they do a good job of drawing the Mark­outs on the floor and they also provide cabinet layouts. The layouts are quite accurate, in fact we align our drawings to reflect what the cabinet layouts say. We probably have the quickest build times in the industry and we are very demanding on that front. Legacy Kitchens has always worked on their quality of Installers and the time frames we have needed. They come to inspect their installs and if we call for service product, 90% of the time it is already ordered. They also have top notch service. We have a great relationship on communicating and getting things done.”

Contractor – Dale N.

“Legacy people did what they said they would, on time. My experience was phenomenal…even though I’m picky and particular, it was still a great experience. A few issues came up, such as crown moldings that were cracked a bit. As soon as I phoned to mention it, they were fixed up right away. Because Paul was so thorough with the plan and lay-out, there were no questions from anybody. There were sufficient details for everyone to follow. This includes the plumbing, electrical and everything. The beautiful kitchen helped to sell the house. I valued many things. The whole experience was great. It was a lot of fun working with them. They did a good job from start to finish. They were very thorough. Even though they do a lot of kitchens, and there are a lot of players, it’s still unbelievably smooth, ‘likity split.'”

Site Supervisor – Dwight F.

“I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens just because I have been so happy with my own kitchen but also because of the working relationship. I look at it from the perspective of how they are willing to work with me and the company I work for. Legacy Kitchens is always adapting and figuring out new ways to do things. They are very easy to work with and are always looking for ways to make me happy. I have dealt with other Cabinet Suppliers and Legacy Kitchens is by far superior to any other. Legacy is very easy to work with, they strive to improve and always met the deadlines. Other companies really struggle. Legacy Kitchens communicates really well. They hire staff who you can work with and get things resolved.”

Style Consultant – Simon S.

“Legacy Kitchens is a good partner for us. They are very responsive to my team’s needs. Legacy has a good product line that is high quality and they are a good business partner.”

Sales Manager – Kimerie J.

“I think for us it comes down to customer experience. We want our customer touch points with our suppliers to be a very positive experience. With Legacy Kitchens it is working well. In touring through their facility, both their showroom and back areas, I would say that Legacy Kitchens is definitely driven by customer satisfaction. I would say that Legacy strives to be a Market Leader.”

Estimating & Purchasing Manager – Graham O.

“Legacy Kitchens is efficient and offers competitive pricing. Their showroom is amazing. It is up to date, really nice and has a wide product offering for our customers to see. All of our business is with Legacy. I value the personal relationship that I have with people at Legacy Kitchens like Tanys, James and Noel. Legacy is a very professional organization. I also think that Legacy’s values align with our values. Legacy’s people are passionate about what they do. You want to work with people who want to be there. I get a good feeling when I deal with Legacy staff that they are having fun and want to be there.”

Construction Manager – Brent C.

“Legacy Kitchens’ Installers are pretty qualified and do a really good job. I would say that that is their strength.”


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