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Add Family-Friendly Touches to Your Home Reno

Renovating with your family in mind? Add family-friendly touches to your home renovation with these tips from our Total Reno • Kitchen team.

1Start with design

Great design lays the foundation for a great renovation. Talk with our experienced design team about what's important to your family in your new kitchen. Would you like more space to do homework? Do you want to cook together as a family more? Better sightlines throughout your main floor so everyone feels more "together"? Understanding your design goals is one of the best ways to ensure that your reno works for your whole family.

Family-Friendly Home Reno Design

2Think about materials

Selecting quality materials is crucial to any successful renovation; when living with kids, prioritizing materials that can hold up to everyday use should be top of mind. Some countertop products like Quartz are durable, make spill clean-up easy and are antimicrobial. When it comes to cabinets, ask your designer for the best options that align both with your style preferences and your family lifestyle. We also suggest keeping a few touch-up stain pens handy so that you can easily revitalize high traffic areas that experience everyday wear.

Family-Friendly Home Reno Materials

3Plan for the future

Eventually, those toddlers running around your house will become teenagers, and it's important to think about both their near term and future needs. For example, adjustable height showerheads, flexible storage solutions and extra closet space will set your home up to grow with your family.

Family-Friendly Home Reno Future Proof

4Get everyone involved

While kids don't need to be involved in every renovation decision, getting their input on small projects will help them to feel excited about the renovation and get them looking forward to the completed result. Whether it be narrowing down bedroom colors or selecting towels for their bathroom, giving them choices will help them to feel ownership in their personal spaces.

Family-Friendly Home Reno for Kids

5Don't forget about your four-legged friends

For many of us, our pets are as much a part of the family as anyone. When planning your renovation, think about pet-friendly details to make everyone's lives easier. For example, choose scratch-resistant flooring that is easy to clean. If you're looking for even more custom pet-friendly options consider pull-out dog dishes on the side of your kitchen island or a dedicated litter box area in your home.

Family-Friendly Home Reno for Pets

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