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Our design and renovation experts share their advice about everything reno related from budgeting and scheduling to finding the perfect style and incorporating the latest technology.

Getting Started

Should I Work with a Renovation Company or Hire Individual Trades?
Renovations bring together a diverse group of experts across professions - coordinating this diverse group is the key to a successful renovation. At one end of the coordination spectrum is managing each of the individual contractors yourself - at the other end is hiring a renovation (like Legacy Kitchens) to coordinate all of the trades.

How-To Video: Choosing the Right Kitchen Designer
Whether you're planning to build a new kitchen or want to transform your old one, a successful project starts with choosing the right designer. See how our kitchen design professionals collaborate with clients to create beautiful and functional custom kitchens.

How to Choose a Renovation Contractor : Professional Affiliations
Professional affiliations offer an additional layer of accountability to your renovator's business. When researching renovators, you'll notice that there are a wide range of affiliations and accreditations, here are a few key ones to look for.

Top 10 Questions to Help You Choose a Renovation Contractor
The most important factor in a successful renovation is a trusting working relationship between you and your renovator. Here are some key questions you can ask when choosing a renovation company that will help you to establish a baseline of trust from the beginning.

Budgeting for a Renovation

Get a Head Start on Your Kitchen Renovation Budget With This Checklist
Use this checklist to get a head start on the renovation budgeting process with your kitchen designer.

How Much Does a Kitchen or Home Renovation Cost?
The answer to that question is different for every home reno-follow these 6 steps from our Total Reno • Kitchen experts to establish a realistic cost for your renovation project.

4 Tips on Sticking to Your Renovation Budget
Change is an inevitable part of any renovation, but with some up-front work it is possible to stay within your budget limits. Give yourself the best shot at sticking to your plan by following these budgeting tips from our design team.

Home Life

The Essential Home Renovation Survival Guide
Your renovation doesn't have to be stressful and chaotic. Yes, there are challenges, but if you start with the right mindset, plan ahead and pick the right renovator you'll be able to set realistic expectations for yourself. Here's our guide for "surviving" the renovation process.

4 Quick Reno Tips from Kitchen Design Pros
Your kitchen isn't just a functional space, it's where culinary creativity happens, relationships are nurtured and time is spent in pleasant company. We asked a group of professional designers to share 4 of their favorite kitchen reno tips.

Set the Tone for Your Home with a Kitchen & Main Floor Bathroom Renovation
Your kitchen and main floor bathroom have a major impact on the overall feel of your home. These spaces set the tone for guests and give you the opportunity to inject some personality and bold design thinking.

3 Things to Know About Open Concept Renovations
Open concept floor plans have become increasingly popular in recent years. Here are three key things to think about if you're considering wall removal or relocation as part of your kitchen, main floor or whole home renovation.

Add Family-Friendly Touches to Your Home Reno
Renovating with your family in mind? Add family-friendly touches to your home renovation with these tips from our Total Reno • Kitchen Team.

Incorporate Smart Home Tech Into Your Renovation
Get the most out of home personalization by including these smart technologies in your renovation project.

Extend Your Renovation Beyond the Kitchen
The kitchen is the heart of the home- our Total Reno • Kitchen team can help you to extend the great design and craftsmanship of your new kitchen to other spaces as part of a single renovation project.

Aging In Place: How to Design Your Forever Home Renovation
If you are planning on spending your golden years in your current home there are some important design considerations that will allow your home to remain both comfortable and functional far into the future.

3 Top Tips for Laundry Room Renovation Success
As you're planning your total home renovation, we recommend including your laundry room in the project. Here are some of our best tips to maximize the potential of a laundry room reno.

Incorporating Sustainable Design Into Your Home Renovation
From energy-efficient lighting and smart appliances to renewable materials and donation of old cabinetry, you can take a sustainable approach to your home renovation.

7 Professional Tips for Living Through a Home Renovation
Set yourself up for reno success with these 7 tips from our home renovation professionals.


Choosing the Right Wood Type for Your Kitchen Renovation
Wood cabinets are appealing because of their distinct and unique character. Some prefer the predictability of engineered materials like theromofoil and laminate but if you want a natural look, nothing compares to the beautiful color variations and grain patterns found in real wood. Choosing the right wood species for your cabinetry largely depends on your personal style preferences and budget.

Kitchen Renovation Tips - How to Choose a Countertop Surface
Choosing the ideal countertop depends on your priorities - we'll explain the key characteristics of each type to help you make the right choice.

How to Choose the Best Flooring for Your Home Renovation
When embarking on a home renovation, two key elements will create the most dramatic impact: cabinetry and flooring. With so many options for your home flooring, making a decision can feel a little overwhelming. Here's an overview of the three most common types of flooring to get you started.

Unpredictable Beauty: 3 Things You Should Know About Wood Cabinetry
Find out how environment, finish and light exposure impact the beautiful color variations and grain patterns found in real wood.

Using Virtual Reality for Kitchen Design and Renovations
At Legacy Kitchens, we regularly evaluate new technologies which have the potential to make our operations more efficient and enhance our clients' renovation experiences. Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging technology (or re-emerging technology for your 90s kids) that "checks the box" we care about most: enhancing the renovation experience, starting with design.

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