Legacy Kitchens

Legacy Kitchens Client Testimonials

After each project third-party research firm Client Insight interviews Legacy Kitchens clients to give us an honest assessment of how we did. We use this objective feedback to gain insight into how we can improve. The testimonials below are from Legacy clients.

Jennifer A.

"The whole staff at Legacy Kitchens impressed me. It was great Customer Service. There was so much help during the design phase, the job was done quickly, and any problems were resolved promptly. Arno Switzer was easy to work with. He was friendly, he was open to our ideas and shared his own design experience and ideas. Paul, the Installer, was just awesome. He was knowledgeable and he was helpful in recommending appliance positioning. Everyone at Legacy was great."

Steve S.

"We lucked out. This was a new build and we received a list of potential kitchen Suppliers. Legacy Kitchens was on the list, and we looked at the ratings online. I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of the craftsmanship, particularly the cabinet installation, and all of the help we received throughout the thought process, for a fair price. Suzi Froese really listened and was able to offer us nice, suitable options. She was always reachable, accommodating, and knowledgeable. She always followed up and her work was top notch. "

Ashleigh M.

"The price, the quality, and the schedule were factors that influenced my decision to use Legacy Kitchens. I liked the product and the project was delivered on time. Legacy's Designer, Joanne Parker, was a great communicator. Working with Joanne is what I valued the most. She delivered on time and I am pleased with the product. Joanne and Brad, the Installer, were exceptional."

Legacy Customer

"I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. The service is good. There is good value for the price. The selection is good and the workmanship is excellent. I had an Interior Designer, and they worked well with Robert Turcotte. He offered very good Customer Service in comparison to other businesses I have dealt with, and my experience is extensive. There were no issues or concerns."

John O.

"Kim Schellenberg was helpful, and she was knowledgeable. We had a plan for what we wanted and she was able to execute it. Brad, the Installer, was exceptional. I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens to my neighbor. They are a good company. They are professional and good to work with. They are fairly priced."

Aref M.

"Legacy Kitchens is trustworthy. I liked the quality of service and the quality of the product. If I could give Paul Seguin the Installer a 10 out of 5, I would. He is just awesome. I think he is the best person they have. He compliments Legacy. If we do anything again with Legacy Kitchens, it would be because of Paul. We visited a show home and we liked the kitchen. So we tracked down Legacy Kitchens from there. We got almost exactly the same kitchen, only better."

Susan P.

"We are very happy with the finished product. I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the design service and the quality of the cabinets. The organizational process and the delivery of the project were good. Allison Pilbeam has a very strong design sense. She was very helpful. I like the pantry design very much. Both Allison and their Coordinator, May, were always helpful."

Jerry F.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Steve Kunz, was very pleasant to work with. I liked his follow up to any questions I had; it was refreshing. The design was awesome. I liked the finished product. The project went smoothly. The Installer, Marc, was very good and tried to adhere to the schedule."

Sheryl P.

"The Legacy Kitchens team is terrific. From the design process through to the completion, everyone was an integral part of the process. Their timeliness, and their attention to detail is appreciated. In particular, Legacy's Coordinator May, was outstanding and nothing was ever an issue for her. My kitchen is beautiful. They were on time and their Customer Service is top notch."

Conrad B.

"I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. I liked the price, it was surprisingly good, and Kim Schellenberg was great to work with. Kimberley worked with me on the design concept, and I got what I wanted. Legacy's Installer, Paul, was very friendly and answered all of my questions. He did exceptional work and was an all-around nice guy."

Lorraine M.

"Legacy Kitchens was fabulous. Legacy's Designer was great overall. Their Coordinator, May, in particular was open and responsive. My bathroom looks fantastic."

Monica M.

"Michael Burr, Designer at Legacy Kitchens, was outstanding. I signed off on the wrong tub and he actually went back for the proper tub, and took the other one away so there would be no delay. He was very respectful. He made me feel good about the choices I made, and never made me feel like my questions were stupid as I navigated my way through the reno. He was very quick to respond to my calls and emails, and was there throughout the renovation to help us through."

Lesley A.

"Legacy Kitchens' process was efficient, seamless and professional. The documents outlining the scope were clear, and Legacy was responsive to little things that needed to be done. There was good follow-up service, and I like the quality of the cabinets. I am an out of town landlord, and the process and the installation was efficient, on time, and stayed on budget."

Chris F.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchens did their utmost to ensure we were satisfied. They were all fantastic. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly it went. Everyone was collaborative and worked well together. The installer, Neil, was very clean, and because of him our house was kept clean. I would recommend Legacy because of the excellent communication skills, they came in on time, and on budget. They had a fixed price, and all my dealings with them were professional. Michael Burr was very friendly, easy to work with and gave us a clever layout."

Jennifer B.

"We already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. They have good ideas and they were on time. Their Designer, Steve Kunz, was able to give us many options. Everyone was great, but Legacy's Coordinator, May, was in particular. She was super flexible, and on top of things. We had a delay due to COVID, but when we were back, she was ready to go. All concerns were addressed quickly."

Bonnie B.

"Jason Chambers was terrific. He listened to what I wanted. Most people want to try to tell you what you want, Jason wasn't like that. He gave me what I wanted. When we bought our unit, the builders had a company to do the cabinets, but they went out of business and Legacy picked up the contract to supply the cabinets. They had to reorder everything from the manufacturer because there was a mix up in the measurements. Legacy really kept their finger on the pulse of what was going on and kept me informed, and made sure it was done right."

Kevin L.

"Everyone I dealt with at Legacy Kitchens was professional. They work well with the other Trades. I value the quality of the product. There were a few doors that were not finish very nicely. Legacy replaced them with no questions asked."

Builder - Wade F.

"I like working with the people at Legacy, they are great. I have used them for years. They are professional and easy to work with. I know that when the job is done, it will be perfect."

Builder - Glenn W.

"Legacy is much better than average because of their professionalism, friendliness, and the quality of work. I use them for new builds. With some trades, I wouldn't want them to interact with customers, but with Legacy, I'm happy if they speak directly with the customers."

Interior Designer - Chantale

"I valued the fact that they could accomplish my design within my price range. Legacy stayed within the budget. They were over a bit, but not much. They were very good at getting my design implemented. The service was great."

Interior Designer - Patricia D.

"Gerald, Legacy’s Installer is a great guy - he would listen and take time to answer my (our) questions and he let me know what to expect. He talked about their process and what they were doing and when. He worked so hard and he was friendly and took time to talk. Gerald struck me as a thorough and detailed guy. He knew what he was doing."

Contractor - John

"Working with Legacy is smooth and seamless. Paul makes my life easy. All the staff do a good job and that is a huge labour savings for me."

Home Builder

"Allison, Legacy’s Designer was wonderful the whole way through. She was easy to get a hold of in a timely fashion. When we had questions, she was there to answer."

Contractor - Peter

"Legacy Kitchens did their utmost in providing great service because of my Clients' experience. Their Designer, Allison took them through everything and helped them. Legacy Kitchens is very good, they have pride and professionalism. Paul, their Installer, was there until he got it right. Legacy did what they said they would do. They showed up and got it done on time."

Home Builder - Danny S.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the overall experience, the price and the quality of product. Legacy's great. They did my home about 15 years ago. Some cabinet suppliers do more custom and high end product, but you pay more. Legacy is the best quality for the price. In this case, I was the Builder and the Homeowner. I use Legacy Kitchens a lot. Sometimes I bring in a client for a custom build and sometimes I build on spec. I use Kelly, their Designer, all the time. Kelly understands my clients' needs. She knows how to stay within budget and she doesn't try to upsell all the time."

Home Builder - Danny S.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the overall experience, the price and the quality of product. Legacy's great. They did my home about 15 years ago. Some cabinet suppliers do more custom and high end product, but you pay more. Legacy is the best quality for the price. In this case, I was the Builder and the Homeowner. I use Legacy Kitchens a lot. Sometimes I bring in a client for a custom build and sometimes I build on spec. I use Kelly, their Designer, all the time. Kelly understands my clients' needs. She knows how to stay within budget and she doesn't try to upsell all the time."

Renovator - Scott W.

"The Service Tech at Legacy Kitchens, Rick, was solution seeking for a few issues that we had. He was really good with the client on cabinet location issues. He ensured we would be satisfied."

Developer - Tony

"Because I’m going to be selling these builds, if anything comes up in the future, it’s really important to me that I have no worries that any issues will be looked after by Legacy. For me, that is the deciding factor in choosing Legacy Kitchens. Kudos to Annette, James, Steve and Rick at Legacy Kitchens. I have nothing but accolades. We had a problem with a glass piece in a door and the door was a millimeter and a half longer than the door beside it. Legacy replaced it and not once did they make me feel uncomfortable for doing that. I pushed Legacy and they came through every day."

Home Builder - Dale

"Legacy Kitchens’ workers are professional and courteous. It’s the finished product and the overall impression that I value. They have a nice selection and showroom. It’s a one stop shop for my clients. I need to offer high end cabinets. Quality and service are the two things that are really important to me. Legacy Kitchens stands behind their product."

Home Builder - Susanna P.

"I never have any concerns with Legacy Kitchens’ staff. I never have to think twice about what they are doing. I have a lot of confidence in Legacy. I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because I have had such a long standing relationship with Susan. The showroom helps us to sell the product because it’s easy to visualize. The communication is good at Legacy. I know who to contact and I like everyone on our job site."

Interior Designer - Dave M.

"Legacy Kitchens provides really good quality for the price we are paying and they maintain that level of service. If there were questions, they found the answers and got back to me right away. It was a renovation, so they found out what they needed to know and they ordered what they needed. I didn’t need to nudge or encourage them to deal with issues. They dealt with the situations. Legacy Kitchens is my ‘go-to’ for cabinets. They are service conscious and that gives me huge confidence for me to sell Legacy to my clients."

Contractor - Brian B.

"I have been working with Legacy for many years. I am definitely satisfied. They are my only call for cabinets. I recommend Legacy to all my clients. Legacy’s pricing is reasonable. If there are problems, there are no questions asked. Legacy will fix it right away, It is done – no need for debate, they just do it. I’d like to give a ‘6’ out of 5 on Legacy Kitchens’ problem solving. When an issue arose, it was handled very nicely and to the best of everyone’s ability. When the cabinets were delivered, the water valve on the fridge got turned on and there was a minor flood in the kitchen and ceiling below. Everything was repaired to the customer’s satisfaction. There was no difficulty in handling the problem. The Legacy people are good and it was handled respectfully all around."

Designer - Andrea H.

"It’s everything about Legacy Kitchens that is impressive. I’ve worked with other builders and other kitchen companies. The colour of the cabinets is exactly what we ordered and they take responsibility for ensuring everything is right. You can not beat Legacy’s post installation customer care."

Developer - Colin

"I’ve been working with Legacy Kitchens for a lot of years. Legacy Kitchens provides better customer service, quality and installation at the same price or a better price than other cabinet suppliers."

Operations Manager - Lewis P.

"Legacy Kitchens’ product and installation quality is good. The end result is what we want – they do a very good job."

Home Builder - Loris F.

"When people look at a house, the first impressions are important. The kitchen is the first thing they see and notice. Legacy does impressive looking kitchens. Nothing could be improved, everything went really well."

Warranty Manager - Wayne D.

"It is the customer service of Legacy Kitchens that I value. If something happens, they are quick to respond and get it done. They don’t argue, they just do it. If that occurs, the relationship stays strong and we sell more houses. Legacy’s cabinet quality is also strong. Legacy Kitchens has a great service team and great system. They use an iPad and can book the service right from there. That is really good."

Site Supervisor - Grant R.

"The open communication is what I value the most. If they cannot get me something, they tell me up front. It doesn’t mean they wouldn’t try but they don’t play around. Talisa and Mike are both honest and upfront. They often find a way when two weeks is not enough. I appreciate the two way open and honest communication."

Site Supervisor - Dan

"It is the Legacy Kitchens’ people that I value. Noreen and Mark have done everything possible to make things go well. They do not run away from their kitchens – even if the issues are trade damage. They will step to the plate and address the issue. There are no excuses, they just do it. They have a ‘get it done’ attitude and I think that is how we are all remembered. The little extras make a big difference. When I have a concern, it is dealt with right away by Legacy Kitchens. Mark, their Field Supervisor, will deal with it right away."

Site Supervisor - Stephen P.

"I value the professionalism that each of the Legacy Kitchens’ staff exhibit. It is their willingness to make sure that customer satisfaction is number one. Legacy Kitchens is always a pleasure to deal with. Their staff are courteous and very professional to deal with. Ken is always safety conscious and enjoyable to deal with at the same time. I would say he is a great guy. He knows how to mix business with a great personality. Legacy’s staff are always prompt to deal with."

Interior Selections - Amber B.

"The product Legacy Kitchens are installing is of the highest quality with luxury homeowners. I value the ability to speak candidly with Summer and the relationship we have. She knows the ropes and is very professional...I understand that mistakes will be made and the relationship is such that we can speak candidly about it. When issues come up with Legacy Kitchens, the trust and connection results in more of a give and take situation. It is just easier to work together and resolve problems when they come up."

Field Team Supervisor - Aaron J.

"I like working with Legacy Kitchen and have a lot of faith in them. They do a good job – their service is very good. I would say that Legacy is a Leader. They have a lot of market share. They get their product in front of a lot of people. Legacy certainly has the ability get the job done and done on time. They have the ability to service our type of clientele and that is not always easy. We have some clients who are not the easiest to manage. Legacy stands behind their product and gets projects done correctly. I appreciate that. They certainly service our clients. Legacy Kitchens communicates well with our customers and I appreciate that part of it. Legacy has stepped up and other suppliers are not willing to do that...It is the ongoing relationship that I have built and been able to maintain with Legacy Kitchens’ staff that is important to me."

Site Supervisor - Jeff L.

"I scored Legacy Kitchens at 100% because of what happened this morning. We had a unit change from Sale to Spec, so we scrambled to change the countertops from hard surface to laminate. Our plumber arrived at site and the sink tops were not cut out. I called Talisa and she had someone there to cut them out by noon. That is mind boggling service. I didn't expect it to happen right away and I feel that I gave her a realistic timeline to have it done by. But she went to work and was able to get someone right there. Talisa exceeded my expectations and our plumber was still on site, so he didn't have to make a second trip. I have Legacy Kitchens’ cabinetry in my own home. Three years ago, I did a reno and I was impressed with the product, the price, the installation, the options and the ideas that the Designer suggested. Now anyone who sees my home is blown away by our kitchen. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I recommend Legacy Kitchens all day long."

Project Coordination Manager - Dawn B.

"I know we had a very difficult client a while back who was quite demanding. Legacy Kitchens really stepped up and worked with us to please him. We try and align with trade partners who will look out for us. I value the good Trade Partnership that we have with Legacy Kitchens. Tanys does a good job as she gets back to us, she is open and honest, and she is good to our clients. That makes business easy. I think Legacy Kitchens is good at pushing new colors out. I know they have been introducing some new colors (recently). On the Customer Service side, Tanys has been phenomenal. She gets to know our customers, creates a good kitchen for them and our customers are happy."

Site Supervisor - Timo M.

"We have the odd glitch, but if we find an issue Legacy Kitchens deals with it. People make mistakes, but Legacy is quick to respond. It gets looked after and that is the key."

Contractor - Jacques

"The showroom is the first thing customers see and it's impressive. People can find what they want there. They have all the cabinet doors you can imagine, the hardware and a good selection of colours. The Designer is also important and I think we make a good team. It's important that people know that Legacy is a good company who takes care of their clients. Legacy makes sure we are satisfied. Susan told me not to hesitate to let her know if something isn't right. I haven't had to say anything, because it is all done as expected."

Estimating & Purchasing Manager - Petr P.

"From my experience, any issues we have, they are willing to listen to and try to accommodate our needs. Legacy Kitchens knows how to listen, understand and keep our current business. As a Supplier, they have a bigger view on business. There have been some savings, they have listened and they adjusted. It is good, I deal with Legacy Kitchen's staff and sometimes Stephen B. Every time I call for a meeting, they are available. I would say that Legacy is matching our level of urgency."

Site Supervisor - Michael E.

"I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of their immediate response, flawless system, process and quality installation, service, relationships. I deal with Legacy Kitchens on many facets, from site measure and mark out to installation and final service. Legacy's systems are pretty flawless. They have a process whereby they pre­schedule an inspection and then do the touch up service. Their system works very well."

Site Supervisor - Bryon M.

"I think the product at Legacy Kitchens is good. Part of my recommendation would be based on the price but there are a lot of different cabinet suppliers out there. When Legacy Kitchens says the product will be there, it is there. I trust them and that helps, as I don't have to worry about it. For us, we make a schedule and we need to stay on it. We have been through Legacy Kitchens’ warehouse and it is professionally laid out. They have a lot of people and they run a very professional company. I think that makes them a leader in the industry."

Production Manager - Stewart C.

"Legacy Kitchens is a well managed company. They provide quality product and have an ability to get the job done right the first time. They have fantastic follow through, if there are issues. Legacy is a very service oriented company. It is tough to find a company with competitive prices who will follow through on the service end. When you find a company like that, it is tough to let them go. I have worked with Legacy Kitchens for 15 years and they are a top notch company. They show up for Mark­outs, they do a good job of drawing the Mark­outs on the floor and they also provide cabinet layouts. The layouts are quite accurate, in fact we align our drawings to reflect what the cabinet layouts say. We probably have the quickest build times in the industry and we are very demanding on that front. Legacy Kitchens has always worked on their quality of Installers and the time frames we have needed. They come to inspect their installs and if we call for service product, 90% of the time it is already ordered. They also have top notch service. We have a great relationship on communicating and getting things done."

Contractor - Dale N.

"Legacy people did what they said they would, on time. My experience was phenomenal...even though I'm picky and particular, it was still a great experience. A few issues came up, such as crown moldings that were cracked a bit. As soon as I phoned to mention it, they were fixed up right away. Because Paul was so thorough with the plan and lay-out, there were no questions from anybody. There were sufficient details for everyone to follow. This includes the plumbing, electrical and everything. The beautiful kitchen helped to sell the house. I valued many things. The whole experience was great. It was a lot of fun working with them. They did a good job from start to finish. They were very thorough. Even though they do a lot of kitchens, and there are a lot of players, it's still unbelievably smooth, 'likity split.'"

Site Supervisor - Dwight F.

"I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens just because I have been so happy with my own kitchen but also because of the working relationship. I look at it from the perspective of how they are willing to work with me and the company I work for. Legacy Kitchens is always adapting and figuring out new ways to do things. They are very easy to work with and are always looking for ways to make me happy. I have dealt with other Cabinet Suppliers and Legacy Kitchens is by far superior to any other. Legacy is very easy to work with, they strive to improve and always met the deadlines. Other companies really struggle. Legacy Kitchens communicates really well. They hire staff who you can work with and get things resolved."

Style Consultant - Simon S.

"Legacy Kitchens is a good partner for us. They are very responsive to my team’s needs. Legacy has a good product line that is high quality and they are a good business partner."

Sales Manager - Kimerie J.

"I think for us it comes down to customer experience. We want our customer touch points with our suppliers to be a very positive experience. With Legacy Kitchens it is working well. In touring through their facility, both their showroom and back areas, I would say that Legacy Kitchens is definitely driven by customer satisfaction. I would say that Legacy strives to be a Market Leader."

Estimating & Purchasing Manager - Graham O.

"Legacy Kitchens is efficient and offers competitive pricing. Their showroom is amazing. It is up to date, really nice and has a wide product offering for our customers to see. All of our business is with Legacy. I value the personal relationship that I have with people at Legacy Kitchens like Tanys, James and Noel. Legacy is a very professional organization. I also think that Legacy's values align with our values. Legacy's people are passionate about what they do. You want to work with people who want to be there. I get a good feeling when I deal with Legacy staff that they are having fun and want to be there."

Construction Manager - Brent C.

"Legacy Kitchens’ Installers are pretty qualified and do a really good job. I would say that that is their strength."

Sabine N.

"I have already recommended Legacy Kitchens because they were timely, professional, caring and had a great attitude. The quality of the product is excellent. Legacy's Designer, Allison Pilbeam, was very personable and professional. She cared and she was very approachable. I was surprised how clean the Installer left the work area. I was expecting to do a clean up, but it wasn't necessary. Legacy Kitchens is a one stop shop. Their Customer Service and the product quality is what I value the most."

Cindy H.

"Michael Burr was a wonderful Designer. We felt like he was hand picked for us. We clicked right from the beginning. He listened to what we wanted and never compromised. My husband and I had different ideas about what it should look like, and he integrated both of our ideas. He never let us settle. If I ever said “I can live with that” he said “No, we are going to get it right”. I am so glad he did. The quality of the product is awesome. It is better than I expected. My kitchen is beautiful. Every day I go in and I smile."

Tim B.

"Suzie Froese managed the renovation as I was in Edmonton and visited infrequently. She was great to deal with. She told me about a door that had a hole drilled in the wrong place and needed to be replaced. One day when I was there, a guy came to the house with a new door. The old one had the hole filled in and was perfectly acceptable. You could barely notice the repair, but he insisted on replacing it. While he was there, he asked if there was anything else he could do. I asked about a few things like changing hinges and making a cabinet door open wider. He immediately set to doing the little changes to make me happy. It was above and beyond my expectations. I liked the service, the functionality of the cabinets, and the look of it."

Jenna S.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchen was very helpful and I am happy with the product. James Ellis was very helpful in the design of the kitchen. He answered all of my questions, and had great suggestions."

Bernie F.

"Arno Switzer was easy to work with. We knew what we wanted and he took our ideas and went with them. He was also able to make some suggestions. The staff at Legacy Kitchens all do their job extremely well. They are very professional, open to ideas and suggesting ideas. Their product is very good. I work in the trades and Legacy Kitchens has a good reputation. I value their honesty and integrity."

Silvana C.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Steve Kunz, was great to work with. He went over and above expectations. He has a good work ethic. His input and experience was appreciated. Not only with the cabinets, but with the whole design aspect including input on our beams in the kitchen. He spent more time on the project than I expected. Their Installer, Martin, was awesome. He was very skilled and organized. As soon as he arrived he got right to it and worked diligently the whole time he was here. I liked Legacy's professionalism, and the experience they brought to the project."

Heather M.

"I am happy with the job Legacy Kitchens did, and the end result. The process was very easy. I told Joanne Parker, Legacy Kitchens Designer, what I wanted and she gave it to me."

Gaylene B.

"The quality of the cabinets, plus the fact that we didn't have to worry about anything is why I recommend Legacy Kitchens. The whole process was easy. Steve Kunz created a design and we only needed to do minimal changes. Everything was done for us.

Dianne & Dave C.

"Paul Wedel was very patient with us. Our renovation was, in fact, a redesign which included knocking down walls. It was a big job. We were undecided, and he just helped us through the decision making process. He understood our health concerns, and he was very helpful, very thoughtful, and very knowledgeable. Our new kitchen has made all the difference. We are grateful for all of his input. You can go out and get quotes that may be cheaper, but you won't find better. I think they are competitively priced, it includes everything. It all ran smoothly, they had it under control, and you never have to stress about it."

Lynne G.

"Legacy Kitchens has the top of the line products. We never worried about not liking the finished product. The renovation was painless. Steve Kunz was completely personable. He was friendly and easy to work with. He had great design ideas, but also listened to what we had in mind. He welcomed our ideas. He suggested things we had not thought of. Steve was very flexible with our schedule especially during COVID. He was very accommodating. He even came way out here to meet with us."

Jenna C.

"I really liked Legacy Kitchens' quoting process. They didn't just eyeball the job, they came in, and made a detailed assessment. That made us feel very comfortable. There were no hidden costs. Paul Wedel was great. We had another company come in to do a quote for our bathroom and they said it was too big of a job. Paul came in, looked at it, and said he knew exactly what needed to be done. It expanded from there. We are pleased with the result."

Darren V.

"I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the design component, the cabinet selection was good, and they were very flexible on the price. Allison Pilbeam was very helpful. She suggested that I raise the countertops, and she was right. The guys who did the final touch ups did their utmost to ensure we were satisfied. They helped me with a problem I was having with the dishwasher. They didn't have to help, but they did."

Gail D.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Robert Turcotte, was very genuine and warm. He was honest and open. He took into account what I wanted, and if it wasn't possible he always had a suggestion on how to adjust the design. I love their product and the excellent teamwork they demonstrate when working with you. The Coordinator, May, was the icing on the cake. She provided names of the people coming and the dates to expect them."

Rich P.

"The people from Legacy Kitchens on the project were easy to work with. After a shaky start, everyone involved was fantastic. They were clean, organized, and stuck to the timeline. Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Robert Turcotte, was very good at listening and he treated us well. He was the first person we connected with and he did a good job."

Mary D.

"We were all set to go with another cabinet company. At the 11th hour we found Legacy Kitchens and I am so glad we did. Jason Chambers was courteous. He was open to hearing what we wanted and integrated our requirements into the design. Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, Annette, was such a pleasure to deal with. Ryan was awesome. We couldn't be happier with the quality of the product and service. They are very cost effective in comparison to others out there. They have more range of colors, styles and finishes."

Brian C.

"Kim Schellenberg was pleasant, professional, patient and easy to work with. She gave us great advice on what would work and what wouldn't. May, their Coordinator, was always available and very supportive. She acted as a liaison between the Insurance company and ourselves. The Installer, Neil, not only cleaned up, he vacuumed. He paid attention to detail. He made a few changes to make the peninsula more efficient. He could adjust on the fly. We provided the tiles for the kitchen, but we did not know that you needed trim, so Neil went out and got it for us. The flooring people did not want to put in the floor before the cabinets because they thought they would get scratched up. They eventually relented, and Neil put down a thin flooring to protect them and even the Insurance Company was impressed with his attention to detail. This is top rate service. We already have recommended Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of the product, the high standard of the company and everyone's attention to detail."

Jim P.

"Our Legacy designer always made time for us. Any queries we had she was on top of. If she didn't have the answer, she would track down the people who did. We had no concerns that she couldn't handle. The professionalism of the people and the quality of the product is why I would recommend Legacy Kitchens."

Stephanie Z.

"Michael Burr was great to work with. He was open to sharing ideas and helping us figure out how we could achieve our design. He seemed to have a lot of experience which he shared. We had an idea of what we wanted, and he helped us with what would work and especially what would not. We followed his advice and we are glad we did. Our experience with Michael was very professional. He made everything easy."

Laura B.

"Arno Switzer was always available when needed and he provided a fairly quick response to our inquiries. He was very helpful. There was good communication with everyone and they seemed on the ball. They didn't just do the minimum, they worked it until it was right. They did their job in a timely way. The price was good and I liked the product."

Brenda M.

"Michael Burr did a great job. He was available and very responsive via email, even evenings and weekends. Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, May, was great. We had an outside contractor and there were issues with the schedule. May smoothed everything over, and kept it on track. They kept to their schedule. We had a budget and they stuck to it; no surprises."

Gurjit S.

"Legacy Kitchens is very professional and are on time. I am really happy with the outcome. Jason Chambers was very helpful with taking the vision of what I was trying to do and making sure it worked."

Lorina V.

"Legacy Kitchens is well known. Their products stand the test of time. I like the design elements, and I like the software so you can see what the result would be. Steve Kunz was very knowledgeable about the product. He was enjoyable and entertaining to work with. The painting from the factory is unbeatable. Legacy's Installer, Paul was meticulous. I was impressed with his cleanliness and his organizational skills. I thought Andre, the Project Manager, also went above and beyond."

Anita N.

"Our Legacy designer was really personable. She listened and was responsive to any concerns we had. My husband and I had different ideas about what the kitchen would look like, and she helped us meet in the middle. She also never hesitated to impart her expertise. It ended up being a wonderful experience. The whole project was seamless. Everything went according to the schedule. We wouldn't change a thing. Our dream kitchen turned into a reality."

Cindy J.

"We have used Legacy Kitchens before. I have recommended Legacy on the basis of the quality of their work and the design aspect. They are the whole package. Their Designer, Steve Kunz, was professional and a good listener. We just clicked and have developed a relationship with him. He was really easy to work with."

June G.

"Legacy Kitchens was good about the costing and staying within the budget. Everyone was very professional. We had a walnut countertop for the back of the kitchen. It came in 2 halves and did not match up very well. Mike Burr had it replaced no questions asked, and now our countertop is beautiful and looks like one long piece. We were very happy with Mike. I liked the 3-D drawings he provided. We really liked May, Dan and John too. I have had many compliments on my kitchen."


"I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the craftsmanship, realistic timelines, they were upfront about costing, and they were easy to work with. I also appreciated the prompt replies to my questions. Everyone was great. The Installer, Marc, spent a lot of time doing what he needed to do to get things perfect."

Bob Y.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was great. Steve Kunz has a lot of knowledge, and he was helpful. He had better ideas than we had. He knows his stuff. Legacy has great customer service. They are friendly and they did what they said they would do. The quality of the product is good too."

A. W.

"Legacy Kitchens provides very good service and high quality cabinets."

Matthew W.

"Arno Switzer listened to us and what we were looking for in a kitchen, but he also provided really creative ideas. Overall he did a fantastic job. Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, May, did a great job especially in respects to the scheduling. There was a worry that a sink wouldn't arrive in time, but she called around and made sure it was there. The cabinets were of professional quality. We got more than our money's worth. All of the different Contractors worked together and they stayed on schedule. It was a non-stressful experience and we love our kitchen."

Jun K.

"Legacy Kitchens did a great job. They stayed on budget and it was completed on time. Paul Wedel was very professional and particular. He measured the kitchen to the millimeter, he was that thorough. We needed to alter the design after we bought the fridge, and he was very flexible about the changes."


"Suzi Froese was very helpful with the layout and giving us the different options in the design. She had great suggestions with the drawers and the configuration for the storage placement. The cabinets were nice and functional. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Michael, was very helpful. We had a bulkhead that looked awful and took up space. Michael was able to use the space by putting up some shelves for me."

Rebecca W.

"Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Paul S. was fabulous. He was really professional. He explained as he went along and he was very meticulous in his work, very detailed. He impressed me. The cabinets are of high quality. Everyone was professional, and the renovation was timely."

Kim W.

"Legacy Kitchens was great. Everyone was receptive and in tune with what we were trying to achieve. They were adaptive and we could make changes as we went along. Allison Pilbeam was very receptive to what we wanted. We made plenty of changes, and she was always fine with that. Allison was pleasant to work with and made some good recommendations on materials."

Cherie W.

"Legacy Kitchens has good cabinets. The installation was seamless, and everyone involved was professional. Legacy's Designer, Arno Switzer, had some great solutions to some tricky things that needed to be sorted out. Every time I called, he got back to me right away with answers to any questions that I had."

Olga D.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was so accommodating. They all deserve a pat on the back, but I would pick their Designer, Michael Burr, overall. Michael always kept in touch, and if he went away he would let me know in advance. He had a very nice way of approaching everything. He seemed to understand what I wanted and could anticipate my needs. I get a lot of compliments on my kitchen. I am really pleased."

Debra H.

"Jane Swinton really listened. We had some thoughts, but she came up with ideas we had not thought of. Her quality of work is amazing. We had small issues with the cabinet doors closing and Martin, the Installer, came right away to fix them. The quality is the main thing. I like the functionality and the design."

Nancy K.

"My sister used Legacy Kitchens a few years ago and she also had Paul Wedel as a Designer. Legacy asked me how I knew about them, and they were able to look it up and gave me Paul too. We loved him. Everyone was so professional, personable, and easy to work with, especially Paul for his great ideas, and May who was a great communicator and kept everything on track as the Coordinator."

Erin K.

"Jason Chambers was very responsive to our needs. He spent time at the house getting to understand the space and how we utilized it. He took great care in taking measurements to make sure our large platters and stemware would fit in the cabinets. I am very particular, and he did a good job. When Marc arrived, he thought the kitchen looked familiar. Lo and behold, he had installed the kitchen when the house was built. That demonstrated good quality work the first time, so I was put at ease immediately. I was very impressed with the scheduling. Every Trade was on time and the renovation went off without a hitch. It was like clockwork. We were also satisfied with their price point."

Beth C.

"Jason Chambers was definitely professional and he hung in there with me. It was a long process, and he was there every step of the way. He was engaged and relentless in getting what I wanted. Legacy Kitchens does a custom job. You get exactly what you want. They are professional and make suggestions if what you want isn't going to work. They manage your expectations. Ken our Installer did nice work. He was very professional and he knows his stuff."

Jan B.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchens did their utmost. As the Project Manager, Dan was fast to respond. If there was a problem, he was there right away. Dan did excellent quality work. Michael Burr, the Designer, always made time for us. Michael was very approachable, friendly and patient. When we would call he never made us feel like we were bothering him. It was a pleasure working with him. The Installer Marc was very pleasant. We had dings on the front of our cabinets, and he used a wax to buff them out."

Walter B.

"Our project was a very small kitchen renovation. Robert Turcotte did a very good job at making it more functional. The Installer Juraj did a good job. He was kind and polite, and that is very important. He wasn't arrogant at all, and he answered all of my questions. Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was very polite. They were very clean and left everything in good order."

Michelle B.

"This is the second time we are working with our Legacy designer. We like her. There were no surprises. She is easy to get along with, and she returns emails quickly. For our kitchen we got just what we wanted. I have dealt with many trades over the course of us remodeling our home, and I can tell you that adhering to a schedule like Legacy Kitchens did is not the norm. Everyone was professional, they showed up when they should, and they were very respectful. I also like the quality of the product."

Renee P.

"Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was professional and took accountability when things went wrong. The cabinets were of high quality. They are wonderful and functional. Allison Pilbeam was always easy to talk to. If we had questions or concerns, she was forthcoming. And when there were problems, she was transparent, got on it right away and fixed it. Dan was very hands on, and made sure he followed up to make sure that everything was done correctly. The Installer Marc was exceptional. We have had other home renovations done, and the Trades were not as professional or as careful as Marc."

Patsy B.

"The quality of the people at Legacy Kitchens and their professionalism is why we would recommend them. It was just perfect from start to finish. The Installer Paul for sure made sure we were satisfied. Our floor was squeaky and he fixed it with screws. He was amazing. He went above and beyond. He is a perfectionist, and he made the experience incredible."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"We have an older home and renovations can be quite challenging as none of the walls are straight, but Legacy Kitchens did an excellent job. Everyone was professional, the project was completed on schedule like they promised without delays and we didn't have a bit of trouble. Our Legacy designer listened and she had some great ideas. We wanted a hutch, and another company said they couldn't do it, but I gave her a picture and she did a lovely job. Same thing with the drawers I wanted in the island. She was able to provide them when others wouldn't. She also had to design around a pole, and she made it look good."

Cathie H.

" I am in love with my kitchen. Michael Burr was fantastic. We had only a vague idea of what we wanted, and we saw a display and thought this is it. He understood what we wanted and made it happen. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, James is an artist. Our cabinets are solid walnut so it was expensive. James did an amazing job installing them with no gaps at all. The cove molding looks like it is one piece, they meld together so well. I have an amazing kitchen."

Carol T.

"Legacy Kitchens has excellent products and great service. Our designer at Legacy had some wonderful suggestions on the design, and suggestions for the storage. I appreciate the drawers I have now. She knows her stuff. She gave us a lot of examples for options. I had already made up my mind about how I wanted it to look, but she showed me different possibilities. I think Dan went over and above. We liked working with him, and he always included us by asking our opinion and how we felt. Legacy Kitchens are on time and very clean. I think they are the best in the city at what they do."

Sara E.

Paul Wedel was very thorough as a Designer, and we felt he put great thought into our design. He did an in-depth ethnographic study to figure out the best design for our family, and he brought back a number of solutions. In all, we are very pleased with him and his design. He just thought of everything for the design so that it would hold up in years to come. Our children are small, but he thought about what it should look like when our kids are teens. His focus and his design sense are hard to match. The quality of the product, the quality of the Trades, and Paul are what I value the most."

Cassandra A.

As a Designer, Joanne Parker was able to take our vision and bring it to fruition. It came out exactly as we talked about. She was also able to make little changes that improved the function, such as our pantry layout. Joanne was really good about getting the panels redone. She is as picky as I am. Joanne was everything and Brad, the Installer, was phenomenal. It was an overall good experience."

Leigh K.

"This is our second project with Arno Switzer at Legacy Kitchens. We had done our kitchen with him, and this project was built-in cabinets for the living room. We also wanted to install a fireplace, and Arno went out of his way to get a sense of what we wanted, and helped us make choices that we would not have made on our own. We had an issue with the granite around the fireplace when it was installed. We didn't notice anything, but Dan, Legacy's Project Manager did. He contacted the Installers and informed them of the flaws. Then he came back to make sure the job was done properly. We were given a schedule and it was followed exactly. They stuck to their word."

Shelley S.

"Kim Schellenberg has a lot of experience in design, and was excellent in all areas. She is very personable and easy to talk to. Our finished product is stunning. There used to be 5 houses in a row that looked exactly the same, but not now. Kim's design makes our place look 3 times as big. Everyone has positive comments about my house. Annette went above and beyond. The 2 Coordinators I had were great at being cheerleaders and keeping everyone positive. They even helped with parts of the project they were not involved in to help keep the project moving forward."

Kathy P.

"I love our new kitchen. Joanne Parker was great to work with. She made some very good suggestions for the color of our kitchen. Brad, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, worked tirelessly, and by himself for over 7 days. He was a great guy and you couldn't ask for anyone better. The quality is exceptional and so is the workmanship. Everything is so professional looking. It looks fabulous."

Brian L.

"Legacy Kitchens was professional, they were on time, and overall their performance was great. May, the Coordinator, was very diligent about keeping me informed."

Luigi B.

"It was a painless renovation, or as much as it could be. Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was experienced and knowledgeable. Allison Pilbeam was super pleasant. She seemed to immediately understand our ideas, and she was able to implement them. We were shown drawings that really helped us visualize what it would look like. We could make any changes along the way, and we never felt like we had to settle. The service we got from her was tremendous."

Clayton & Carol

Legacy Kitchens has great Customer Service. Michael Burr was very knowledgeable, he was punctual, and very patient. He presented us with many options for us to choose from, and let us choose what we wanted without pressuring us. The Installer, Paul, brought in a block insert for one of the drawers that was quite bowed. I spoke to Annette and she said they would replace it and not to worry. They took it back, replaced it, and it was perfect."

Terry Z.

"This was a custom closet remodel. Stephanie van Steenoven was very helpful with the layout, and trying to figure out what to put where, to make sure my boxes would fit. I am pleased with the closets. I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. They are professional and easy to deal with. I posted a picture of the shelves where I keep my crafts on Facebook, and I had about 1,200 people view my page and ask where I had the shelves made. Unfortunately, most of them were not in Canada."

Irina L.

" I love the final result by Legacy Kitchens. I had an idea of what I wanted and I am very headstrong, but Michael Burr explained why he wanted things done his way, and he was absolutely right. I am glad that he persisted. He educated us, and we needed that. He knows what he is doing. We shopped around other companies who told us they would do what we wanted, but it would have been wrong."

Agatha S.

"My parents also used Legacy Kitchens to renovate their house. The guys were trustworthy. I was not concerned about having them in my home. They were on time, ready to work, friendly, and good natured. The Installer, Brad and the Service Tech, Shawn were amazing. Their Coordinator, Annette, was very helpful with our countertops. They were back ordered, and that really annoyed us because we had already ordered and paid for them. Annette was able to resolve it."

Stephen P.

"Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Paul, was amazing. Whenever we had issues, he gave us options on how to address them, explained the consequences of each one, and that was quite helpful in making decisions. We were told that it would be 8-10 weeks from the order date to begin the project, but it was ready to go at 5 weeks, which left me scrambling to get Trades in to do the prep work."

Marc B.

"The Project Manager, John P, was awesome, and Juraj, who installed our cabinets. was fanatically amazing. There is not one gap. If he didn't like it, he tore it apart, and started again. The Coordinator, May, was very well organized and answered every question. All of the Sub Contractors were amazing too. They cleaned up after themselves and put everything away. Legacy Kitchens' sequencing of the project was what they said it would be. I would also say the quality of the cabinets was great."

Susan M.

"My brother has used Legacy Kitchens many times. I would recommend them because of the quality of the cabinets and client services. Their Designer, Paul Wedel, was very experienced and knowledgeable about design and the products."

Rochelle D.

"Suzi Froese was great. She understood my design tastes and was able to provide a lot of good design feedback. She was very willing to help make decisions on light fixtures, tiles, and flooring. We met and spent a full day together. She always responded back to my emails and was always patient. I like the quality of their product. The drawers are well made, and the finishes are good."

Ann R.

"We first met Kim Schellenberg at the showroom, and she was very accommodating. She showed us different ideas and helped us pick out the hardware. Whenever we had questions, we could get her on the phone right away. She was fabulous. I would say that Legacy Kitchens do not disappoint. They deliver on their promise, and they do exceptional work."

James G.

"I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality of their work. They are professionals who go the extra mile. Allison Pilbeam was willing to listen to what we wanted and tried not to direct us to what was for sale. I appreciated that when we ordered a hood vent, she caught that it was not to code and contacted the store to return it for us."

James H.

"We really liked Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Robert Turcotte. Legacy staff ensured we were satisfied. They totally replaced some doors that had a defect, instead of trying to fix them. There were 2 big panels and 2 doors."

Terry A.

"This was a design by committee for a community association. I have a PhD in Architecture, so when I give a 5/5 rating it is meaningful. Our designer was able to read the situation quickly, grasping what we were looking for as a design and product resilience. I was quite impressed that Legacy Kitchens would work with us in a commercial situation. It is not an easy task. From a medium range price point, Legacy is the best at what they do. From a professional and service perspective, they are head and shoulders above their competition."

Rina A.

"Paul Wedel took a lot of time with our project even though it was not a big one. He seemed genuinely interested, and listened to us. He was very inspiring and inspired. We felt we could trust him to make our vision a reality. I like the fact that the cabinets are made in Canada. They have quality and craftsmanship."

Mark L.

"You should see our kitchen, it is breathtaking, and it is all down to Michael Burr. We live in a really old house in Bowness, and he did a fantastic job of transforming our kitchen. The kitchen is a very important part of the home and we can't stop marveling at it. He is a really good Designer for Legacy Kitchens."

Monika O.

"I was impressed with Legacy Kitchens' staff, and that is why this is my second time using Legacy. The quality of product and the range of product was also great. Legacy Kitchens adhere to their schedules, and it is done on time. Steve Kunz took my plan and helped me achieve it without trying to redesign it, or to put his imprint on something when I already knew I wanted. He came up with ideas that were useful and gave us many options about pricing. He accommodated us at every turn."

Brent C.

"I had Legacy cabinets originally, and they stood the test of time. Legacy Kitchens stands by their product. They deliver on their word. Everything was as they said it would be. They did follow up calls to keep in touch with the progress. When I called the Coordinator, she would get back to me within the hour. I appreciated their attention to detail. Their Designer was an all around professional, which is why I have contacted her again to do another project for me."

Sallie C.

"Jason Chambers was honest and well spoken. If there were any difficulties, he resolved them quickly. The friends who recommended Legacy Kitchens had used Jason for their design too. Legacy's installer was very good. I give him a 5/5 for professionalism, cleaning up at the end of the day, and demonstrating quality. Legacy is professional and know what they are doing. Everything was completed on time. We were told what to expect every step of the way, and there was no guessing."

Wendi L.

"We have a difficult shaped kitchen that could be challenging for just anyone to renovate. My Contractor told me Legacy Kitchens was the best. Our designer was very knowledgeable about the products at Legacy. She came up with some creative ideas for my kitchen, which is a tricky shape, and did some out of the box thinking. The result is beautiful. I love my Kitchen."

Homeowner in SW Calgary

"The quality of the cabinetry and level of expertise with the people involved is what I value the most, and the fact that it was custom work and it fit perfectly. The Service Tech and Installer, Mike and Anton, were great."

Rick A.

"Our kitchen looks wonderful. It is what we wanted, and it was done well. One of the cabinet doors had flaws in the milling. They could have fixed it to make it look better, but they ordered me a new one. That shows their attention to detail. Overall, they were great to work with. They are not cheap, and we knew from the beginning that we were getting value."

Kelly F.

"Michael Burr was phenomenal. He was there every step of the way. He never stepped back until the job was done. We could depend on him. The kitchen looks gorgeous. Everyone who comes to see it agrees and compliments it."

Shawn D.

"Kim Schellenberg was awesome. She was really friendly, though kept things businesslike and professional. She gave us lots of options, and left it up to us to make the final decisions. We appreciated the overall professional care we received, and great products at Legacy Kitchens. They did an excellent job. Legacy was easy to work with and their after service is great."

Greg R.

"We have worked with Legacy Kitchens several times. We have used Arno Switzer twice already. He did a major kitchen renovation, and a bathroom. He understands what our style is and he gives us options. We work well together. We intend to use him again when we redo our Master Bathroom. You get great staff, you get great selection, and everything works out perfectly in the end."

Bernie & Darlene

"The comfortable atmosphere around the whole project is what we valued the most. There was never any pressure. Never once, were we harassed to make a decision. We went back several times, and everyone was friendly without being pushy. Legacy's Installer, Paul, went above and beyond. We had hiccups, and if it wasn't for him, our kitchen would not look as good as it does. I pull out photographs and let them do the talking. We have a beautiful kitchen."

Jody P.

"Our designer at Legacy provided us with lots of ideas and options. She was honest. I like the product. The staff were professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. I am also pleased with the quality of work."

Lisa D.

"Legacy Kitchens has Designers who help you plan your kitchen, and they take care of everything. There were no hassles and no worries. Their price is good, and it includes everything. They customize the colors so it matched my granite countertop. They also didn't take a deposit until we were sure we were going with them."

Brendan M.

"Legacy Kitchens makes you feel like a valued customer. If there is a problem they take care of it right away. Allison Pilbeam was easy to work with. She answered all of my questions and responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend her. Legacy offers high end products. They have a high end price, but with that comes better service, and better quality."

Bev B.

"We loved Arno Switzer. Once we had decided on a design, Arno was on board, and was very helpful and easy to work with. He wanted to please us, and there was no push back. I felt like I was valued as a customer. My project was not a big one. It was an insurance claim, but they treated me as if I were an important customer. They were interested in my concerns and really listened."

Caroline C.

"I had an idea of what I wanted, and Suzi Froese worked with me very well to achieve the look. Suzi did a great job. She answered all of my questions, and figured out solutions for any obstacles. I value the end product and the craftsmanship of the work by Michael. My kitchen is beautiful."

Krysta M.

"Our Legacy designer was fantastic. She really listened to what I wanted, and she pulled together a lot of samples, drawings, and pictures. She was very communicative, and very accommodating. They did everything in a timely manner. It got done when and how they said it would. I met everyone involved on the project, and I immediately got the feeling that I could trust them. That is important because they were in my home while I was at work, and I needed to feel comfortable with that."

John A.

"I would recommend Legacy on their professional workmanship, their high standards, and they have a very good product. I really liked how Michael worked. He is conscientious, and takes pride in his work. I like some of the suggestions he made. Suzi Froese has worked with us on a number of projects in the past. We like her decision making process, and we like her ideas. We have always had good results with Suzi."

Dave R.

"Legacy Kitchens has a good product, and the work was excellent. I am very happy with my kitchen. I like the changes, everything is easier to get at."

Doreen E.

"What I value most is that they stand behind their product. That after 25 years, they came, and replaced a drawer, and a Lazy Susan, at no cost, no questions asked. They were superb. I would recommend everyone at Legacy Kitchens."

Frank G.

"Steve Kunz hit the nail on the head with his design. He delivered everything he said he would. He went above and beyond, and we are very happy with the outcome. Everyone at Legacy took the time to address my questions and concerns. They were phenomenal to deal with. They made sure it was satisfactory. I value everyone's honesty and clarity. There were no hidden surprises. We knew what to expect, and that is important."

Sandy M.

"Legacy's designer was awesome. I asked her a lot of questions and she was very forthcoming in her information. She gave me good advice on lighting, and I think it made a big difference in the overall look. Everyone knows renovations are not fun, but she was easy to work with. I valued her honesty and her expertise. She seemed very genuine."

Pat S.

"Everyone was very professional, and they were great at scheduling. Everything was done when they said it would be. We chose Legacy because of Steve Kunz and his professional attitude. He was able to show me immediately what my kitchen would look like. Everything went so smoothly and the schedule was excellent."

Katie S.

"Allison Pilbeam design input was very welcomed. We had a limited timeline as we were purchasing the cabinets for our new home, and we didn't know there could be up to a 6 week wait for the product when ordering. All in all, it went quite smoothly. Allison had a very professional attitude. The Legacy staff make a good impression and they make you feel like they are trustworthy. I have a beautiful kitchen that I love to cook in."

Jolie H.

"The big thing for us, apart from the expertise everyone at Legacy demonstrated, was the transparency about the whole process. We fully understood the scope of the project, exactly what we were getting, how much it would cost, and knowing that we didn't have to commit until we knew everything first."

Michelle P.

"Our designer at Legacy really listened. I needed some good strong cabinets that would work for us. We are a Long Term Care Facility, and these cabinets are to be used in the Servery, in a common space in our complex. she really understood what I wanted. She came in, took measurements, and help create a design that worked around the wiring that was in place, and could not be adjusted. I valued dealing with really professional people like our designer...a great job, and it was done right."

Betty D.

"Allison Pilbeam was very helpful. She even went above and beyond. Allison was a lovely agent for Legacy. She came over to the house to look over the kitchen, and she talked to the workmen for me. I would say that the disruption was minimal. I could continue using kitchen throughout the renovation. I would also say that they were professional. The whole staff were lovely and very competent."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"Our designer at Legacy knows what she is talking about. She has been there for a while, and she knew the crew who were involved doing the work. She instilled confidence. The cabinets are excellent. The final product is what I value the most. I have high standards, and Legacy Kitchens did not disappoint."

Jerry O.

"I have been using them for 9 years. I think they have good people working at Legacy. That has always been my experience. Jason Chambers has been a good Designer throughout the years. We have developed a good relationship. He has sort of become my go to guy. The service I receive is what I value the most."

Vaughn K.

"Steve Kunz and I had a good working relationship. He really knew how to listen, and he helped me achieve the look I was going for. I wanted to do a lot of the work myself, and he worked with me. I told him what I had in mind, and he drew up the plans to make it happen. I appreciate how accommodating the Installer, Paul was. He did a few little extras things that made such a difference to the overall look. He just did it because it was the right thing to do, and never said it was outside the scope of his job."

Nigel R.

"We pulled 6 companies off the internet, and went down the list. After we spoke to Michael Burr, and got a quote from Legacy Kitchens, we just felt it was the right place. Michael and I got on very well. He had great design ideas, and he knows his job."

Sue G.

"I was very happy with the quality of work done, and it was finished on time. That was important as I was living in my basement while the renovation was going on. You hear so many horror stories about renovations going on endlessly, and that wasn't the case here. If we ever had a problem, it was the Legacy people who made sure it was done to our satisfaction."

Jano G.

"Legacy is a good supplier. They know their stuff, and have excellent quality. They show up when they say they will, and they clean up after themselves. Allison Pilbeam is a very pleasant person. She is joyful, and quite knowledgeable about her line of work as a Designer."

Liz K.

"Legacy's Installer, Gerald, was exemplary. His work was astonishing. I can't say enough good things about him. We have an older home, and there are a lot of quirks he had to deal with, and he did it well. Everyone I dealt with at Legacy was kind and professional. I learned a lot, and asked a lot of questions which everyone took time to answer."

Pam K.

"We felt comfortable right from our first appointment. We really appreciated the virtual reality technology. My husband is not very visual, but he could really see what we were getting. I like that Michael Burr knew our budget and stayed in it. He was fabulous. I am very proud of my dream kitchen."

Laura J.

"We live on a crescent, and we were the last ones to do a kitchen renovation. I saw them all, they went from custom kitchens to big box stores and I think we got the best kitchen, for the best value, and the best experience. Some of my neighbors had nightmare experiences. The quality of the cabinets, and the staff made the difference. They walked us through everything so we knew what to expect. Legacy's Installer, James, was terrific. He paid attention to detail, and he always took the time to explain to us what he was doing and why. He was always on time and worked long hours to get the job done."

Helene & Dave H.

"We felt that our needs and wants would be best served by Legacy Kitchens and Arno Switzer, their Designer. We took a leap of faith, and the results are above and beyond our dreams. Everyone at Legacy was professional and willing to educate us on the products and design. They knew what would work and how things went together. We would never have been able to do it ourselves."

Ted B.

"I have used Legacy Kitchens before, so I am familiar with their work. I like the quality of the cabinets, the staff treat you well, and if something goes wrong they are right there to fix it."

Janice T.

"I would give Paul Wedel a 10. He showed us many options, and went over all of the details. He explained to us exactly what we were getting. He clearly had extensive knowledge about the product, and his experience enabled him to fully explain our choices. That was invaluable in helping us to decide what was good for us. Legacy's Installer, Mike, was phenomenal. He has a very friendly and reassuring way of putting people at ease, and making them feel they can trust him to do a good job."

Ellison S.

"The price was good, they were easy to deal with, and they had what we wanted. I value the quality of the cabinets the most."

Roxanne S.

"Steve Kunz and I worked closely together on the design, and I think that he was able to really listen to my ideas. I had an inspirational piece, and he went from there. He made time for me when I was available, and he worked well with my Contractor. I would recommend Legacy mainly because they were professional. I think the quality of products, and the price range influenced me too."

Homeowner in SW Calgary

"Jason Chambers listened to what I wanted, and I felt he was very knowledgeable. He knew his products. He gave me options right away without having to look things up. Gerald was very good at his craft. Our floors weren't level, and worked hard to make the trim around the beams, and the ceiling where they met the cabinets, match perfectly."

Krystal G.

"I was high maintenance during the renovation, and I had a strict budget. Kim Schellenberg was very accommodating, and offered design solutions to meet my budget. I would recommend Legacy because from the beginning, I felt confident in them. I never had to worry, and I never had to micro-manage. I have done renovations in the past that were a nightmare, and this time with Legacy, I felt at ease. The project was just seamless."

Gitte J.

"I specifically went back to Legacy because Paul Wedel was there. He designed my kitchen 12 years ago, and we were thrilled that he was still there when it was time to do our basement. You know, 12 years later I still love my kitchen. The renovation looks beautiful, and I have had a lot of compliments. And the Coordinator was spot on with the timeline."

Jonathan D.

"Steve Kunz was very easy to communicate with. He answered all of our questions either immediately, or got back to us quickly. We had an idea of what we wanted, and Steve was very helpful in putting it all together. We dinged the face of one of the cabinets, and they came out right away to fix it. They were awesome. The balance between the cost and the quality make it good value."

Christine B.

"We had some ideas, and a plan for the kitchen, but talking with Suzi Froese, she showed us how our ideas wouldn't work. Then she took our ideas, and redesigned the plan to make them work. The kitchen design became totally different, and it works better. She never pressured us, she just gave us the information, and let us make the decisions. Another thing is Suzi brought all the samples to us, so we did not have to go to the showroom, and that was more convenient. I love our kitchen."

Meghan R.

"Legacy's designer listened to what we wanted, and offered us a variety of options. She went above and beyond to help us negotiate a better deal on our countertops. We appreciated her involvement. We had an issue with the cabinets, and our designer and May, their Coordinator, were there until the end to make sure we were satisfied. We have the kitchen of our dreams. From start to finish, we got exactly what we wanted. No regrets."

Rita S.

"Robert Turcotte was fantastic. Whenever I would go to the showroom he was always welcoming, and had a lot of ideas for my kitchen. It is a strange shape, and he redesigned it beautifully. Everything Juraj, the Installer, did was perfect, and I am fussy. They did everything they said they would do, and did it on time. The builder couldn't move a wall, and that could have impacted the design, but Robert and Shawn came out immediately while Juraj was already there. They did not leave us in a lurch – they solved the problem. I love my kitchen."

Alec S.

"Steve Kunz was friendly, and easy to work with, as opposed to another place, who made us feel very unwelcome. Steve also helped us by getting in touch with trades for the rest of the renovation. I appreciated that he worked with our ideas to put together something that worked for us. In the end, we have a functional kitchen."

Jane H.

"I have used Legacy Kitchens several times before. What I value the most is their Installer, Paul. He is reliable and easy to work with, and when you are building a house that is very important. He is one of the reasons I go with Legacy."

Donna P.

"I have already referred Legacy to my brother. They have a nice showroom, and every single staff member was attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. They know their stuff. Their customer service is great, and communication is key. When I told them about a closet I had that did not have not a normal door size, and the hinges were coming off, they said they could custom make a closet for me. It matches perfectly. That kind of added value makes them stand out."

Jennifer S.

"Working with Legacy Kitchens gave me peace of mind. Legacy coordinated everything, so I didn't have to worry. They paid attention to every detail. The quality is another reason why I would recommend them."

Peter G.

"I was impressed by their professionalism in every aspect of the project. It was a big project, and there was no stress or anxiety. Everything happened as it should have."

Trevor H.

"The Installer, Paul, was top notch. The quality of work he did was close to perfection. I value the finished product the most. This is our retirement home, and this is exactly what we wanted, and we got it."


"We had an amazing experience with Legacy Kitchens. I would give a 10 out of 10 all around. The service, the quality, everything was great. They worked until they made it right."

Steve G.

"I was impressed by Legacy Kitchens' quality of work and the finished product. The price was right, and they did all of the things we asked of them."

Miranda T.

"I was impressed at how Jason Chambers made me feel welcome. He was very knowledgeable, and he had good suggestions. He listened and put in a lot of work in to my project without ever pressuring me. Legacy Kitchens handled everything, and we did not have to worry about anything. They hired the Contractors and they made the schedule. In the end, we are very happy with the final product."

James K.

"We got a few quotes, and Legacy Kitchens was in the ballpark. I would also say that a big influence was Robert Turcotte, because of the design, and his openness to changes. Robert knew what he was doing. He was creative, and competent. He came up with a very innovative design, and had some ideas that we had not thought of."

Jodi K.

"Steve Kunz was super accommodating. Anytime I was close to the showroom, he was always available for me to come in to make design choices. He helped me find Contractors to help with the project. We had an awkward wall, and he helped find a design solution for it. I love the outcome. I am very happy with my kitchen."

Michele H.

"Our Legacy designer was very nice, open, and had a warm personality. She was very patient, and had a good sense of humor. She listened when I explained what I needed. There were a few sentimental things we wanted to keep, and she helped integrate them into the design. I pointed out some service concerns to the Project Manager, and they got fixed. For example, some bolts were sticking out of the wall opposite the kitchen. But they re-plastered and repainted at no extra cost."

Linda D.

"Legacy's designer was so helpful, and we really liked her suggestions. We have already recommended her to our friends, and she is working with them now. She has great design sense and expertise."

Mary Z.

"Overall, we had a great experience. We didn't have any complaints. Steve Kunz was personable, and knew his stuff as a Designer. Steve had good solid knowledge and guided us by providing feedback on what would work, and how to be cost effective."

Laura G.

"We have used them 3 times, and 3 times is the charm. I would attempt it again. We have used our designer at Legacy in the past, and it was such a good experience, that we specifically asked to work with her again. The selection and the quality would be our number 1 reason for recommending Legacy. Then, there is their professionalism, and their ability to answer all of my questions and concerns."

Murray B.

"Working with Legacy is a painless process. They know their stuff and they really look after you with no arguments. You only have to ask once and they are right on it. I would also point out the quality of the product and the brilliant design. This project had a difficult space to work with. The Installer, Juraj, was great. He had a very good attitude , from installing the cabinets to the placement of the handles, he was meticulous."

William S.

"This was our first renovation and Steve Kunz was so easy to work with. He was very helpful and guided us in our decision making. He gave us a lot of input. He was a great guy and fun to work with. Dealing with Legacy was the easiest part of our renovation. Steve was very patient as my wife made a significant number of changes and they were very good about it."

Gerry T.

"The reasons we chose Legacy were the quality of the product and their Designer. We were impressed at how she put things together. From the door shapes to the handles, she led us along and figured out what we liked. I would give their Installer, Paul, a 10 out of 5 if I could. He was great because I did the reno so I was there every day and I understand how much work is involved. It was like he was doing it for his own home."

Kathi S.

"We did a kitchen renovation in about 2013 with Legacy. They did such a good job that when it came time to do another renovation there was no question we would use them. Everything went smoothly. Legacy was well organized. From the time they start the renovation you never had to call them. They laid out the schedule and they followed it to a "T". The only time they deviated from the schedule was when I asked them to accommodate me. There was never a delay on their part."

Jessica P.

"We are big fans of Suzi Froese. She was awesome. She came to us and she brought lots of samples. She was very professional. We had an issue with our cabinets not lining up, and Michael took them to his home to fix them. That is what I call service above and beyond. The Legacy staff really went out of their way to make us happy. The customer service was excellent and so was the quality and value of the product."

Ina L.

"We went to a lot of kitchen stores to find out what could be done. We chose Legacy because of the options available and the professionalism of the people. I have a gorgeous kitchen. We got a lot of value and very good quality."

Leanne G.

"Kimberley Schellenberg was very personable. She really listened she did not come in with any preconceived design ideas - she worked with my ideas. She told me what would work or not. She loves what she does and it shows. She is a very positive person. Kim was full of ideas and she was great at helping out with fulfilling my vision."

Jack G.

"Robert Turcotte answered every question professionally and responded when there was a problem. He was very good at his job as a Designer. He had some really innovative solutions. The price and the quality was equal to the value."

Carla B.

"I would recommend Kim Schellenberg primarily. She set the tone for the whole renovation. She wasn't just about the sale. She really cared. She was authentic and genuine. Also I liked the quality of the craftsmanship. The selection was great one stop shopping. From door colors, handles and recommendations of contractors, should we have needed it. My husband is a contractor so we did it ourselves, but it was nice to know that they could recommend people."

Mary B.

"I think the quality of cabinets is excellent. Jason Chambers was very knowledgeable and an experienced Designer. The Coordinator, Talisa, was awesome and if there was a problem, she was right on it. I found Andre to be excellent as the Service Tech."

Kim M.

"I had a good interaction with Joanne Parker. She was excellent to work with. Joanne's customer service skills were also excellent. She did what she said she was going to do, and her follow up was great. Joanne has a great personality and that helps. She was a great collaborator. Legacy also provided a good variety and a good price point. I was doing a flip so budget was important to me. Joanne worked well with me on that."

Lynn M.

"I am thrilled with the design. Our new kitchen is efficient and we have more space than I had ever imagined. I would recommend Legacy because of their professionalism and their quality of product. They know how to handle a project like this and are accurate with their timelines. Another aspect is their staff are respectful and you feel safe with them coming into your home. Now that I have done a project with them, I just think of quality and professionalism when I think of Legacy Kitchens."

Brenda G.

"I am happy with everything and it all went smoothly. Legacy's Designer, Allison Pilbeam, is a big part of that. Allison is awesome to work with and she was on top of things right away. The product quality is good as well. Paul S is a perfectionist, so his work is great. We are doing another project west of Cochrane, so we are hopeful to get Paul to do the installation on that as well."

Rebecca C.

"Legacy's cabinets are good quality for the price. Their quality is excellent, they have an incredible selection and you can get any and every color. Initially, Legacy didn't have a sample for our color but they ordered one and got it for us. Their service is very good and both Michael and Mike are fantastic to work it. I think that Michael works for others as well, but the fact that Legacy has him just shows how committed they are to good service and quality installation. It shows they really care."

Gurpreet K.

"I would recommend Legacy because they did a good job. They have a very good way of doing these projects, their process results in a good experience. Legacy was professional and they take care of any issues that come up. Allison Pilbeam did a great design. May L really takes care of the entire project."

Carla R.

"I valued the way we were treated. Their customer service was fantastic. We had a great experience. We were nervous about the renovation but Kimberley Schellenberg took us through the steps and made us feel comfortable. We always knew what was going on. Legacy stuck by their deadlines both beginning and end and to me, that was very impressive."

Chris T.

"I would recommend them just because of the fact there was a lot of attention to detail. Legacy schedules things and the people are 'on point & on time'. I have done reno's before and I know how difficult it can be. They coordinated everything really well. They stand by their warranty and their product, and if there are issues, they will be fixed immediately. That is very valuable to me specifically!"

Jan S.

"I really value the variety of options from Legacy. I am also really satisfied with the open concept that our Legacy designer came up with. He is a great Designer. It was not a path I would have taken but we are more than delighted with it. I used to have a little kitchen where you couldn't open the stove and fridge at the same time. Now, we have cabinets that are empty, it is great! I am happy with the end result and pleased with the open design."

Dave R.

"The quality of the work was great. I am a closet wood worker, I check corners and lines. I notice when things don't quite line up. Everything was exceptionally well done - I was very impressed. I valued their friendliness, their professionalism and their responsiveness. I think that the responsiveness was most significant - any question or issues was dealt with very quickly."

Jon H.

"Legacy is just really easy to deal with from beginning to end. We had a little ding on one of the cabinets and I was not so impressed with that. But it was fixed right away. Their quality is really, really good as well. I had done some reno's before with a different company and I wasn't happy. The service with Legacy was very good and I am happy with the result."

Mariette M.

"We were doing this renovation from out of town. Suzi Froese stayed on top of things and she gave us updates and answered all of our questions. She was amazing. She was always listening and she knew what she was doing. If she had a suggestion, it was always good. Suzi was always available and she would get back to you right away. We have a dog gate that comes out of our island like a pocket door and it slides across the opening into our kitchen. It's a great idea that Suzi came up with that others might want to use."

Bob H.

"I would definitely recommend Legacy's Designer. She is so helpful and very, very knowledgeable. I went in with a design and she had ideas that took it to a new level. She had the right ideas. Our home required a certain level of kitchen. Our designer really added the wow factor. It is what will sell our home, when we do that."

Bruce C.

"The whole experience was a 10 out of 5. Our designer was amazing! We had our thought process about the cabinets but she came up with a design and it transformed the whole project. Her one idea changed everything."

Margaret C.

"Once I started dealing with Jason Chambers and the experience of turning my vision into a reality, that is what caught me. He went out of his way to find the product I was after. He sent me links to websites so I could see more. Jason was great to work with. I was also very impressed with the quality of their cabinetry. Something that was really big with me, they gave me a completion date. Legacy came in early on the project. It was a kitchen in December, so the fact that they were done early was significant."

Homeowner in High River

"We are past customers of Legacy. I would recommend Legacy because of their quality of work, their service and their ability to be on schedule."

Homeowner in SW Calgary

"The quality of the cabinets is what I value the most from my experience with Legacy."

Pat M.

"I'd highly recommend Legacy. They are a good company; not cheap, but the product is excellent. We went to a lot of places and I wasn't impressed with any of them until I got to Legacy. The showroom and the people are so much better."

Trish B.

"I liked the ease of dealing with Legacy, both the showroom and Jason Chambers, who was a good Designer and was available. You can get ideas and explore ideas with Jason. There were a couple of errors that had to be corrected. I didn't deal with Legacy on this, our architect dealt with that. I really liked the Legacy set up and what they have to show you."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"I recommend Legacy all the time. I was satisfied with everything. Legacy cares for the customer."


"We would recommend Legacy Kitchens. This is the second kitchen we have done with their Designer, Paul Wedel. Our kitchen looks good and Paul was outstanding. We are pleased."

Gail H.

"I love the product. I love the workers who were sent to my house. I'm hoping to do this again and I would like the same people. I valued meeting the staff at Legacy. The workers were incredible."

Christy D.

"Legacy is a reputable company. The company I work for uses Legacy. The guy who did the installation, Paul, was great! I'd use Legacy again."

Val S.

"I think their Installer, Marc, did a great job. One of the biggest questions going into this was about the renovations of the ceiling. We didn't know what problems might arise. It went smoothly. That was surprising to me. It went better than expected."

Liz M.

"It all went smoothly. They all showed up on time and answered all of our questions. The counter that came was the wrong size. It was resolved the next day without any problem. It didn't delay anything. We were very happy."

Karen A.

"Our designer was great. She was super involved and she really knew her stuff. Even the Installers commented that she had made sure she accounted for a lot of little things that are sometimes missed by Designers. I'd recommend Legacy because of the service, the quality of the product and the work that they could do. It was very easy to work with Legacy."

Doug N.

"Wayne's craftsmanship was excellent. I've done cabinetry and the work Wayne did and the way he did it was pretty outstanding. We are very happy with the product and results. That's the goal."

Eileen G.

"The Legacy staff followed up and asked questions. They were thoughtful about any questions I might have. They returned emails or phone calls and were easy to work with. Everyone at Legacy did their work according to the schedule. There was no day that it wasn't exactly as written and that is shocking."

Alison N.

"The staff are wonderful, the product is great, the price exceptional. Legacy's Designer, Suzi Froese is a wonderful person, she is great to work with and she gets back to you right away."

Cyril M.

"I thought Kim Schellenberg was excellent as Legacy's Designer. We had no problems whatsoever. She brought some unique ideas that made all the difference. Kim was amazing, friendly and outgoing. She was ready to help with our questions, she provided helpful suggestions and she was always available when we needed something. I have nothing but praise for Legacy. It was managed very well."

Steve O.

"I'd recommend Legacy because Steve Kunz, the Designer, went over and beyond. He spent a ton of time and made quite a few changes that we wanted. The Installer, Paul was phenomenal. The showroom and all the employees were great. The follow up was good and the work was timely. We would definitely use Legacy again."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"I liked that Legacy did everything as a complete package rather than having to go to different places and hire different Contractors. They did everything from start to finish. I liked the fact that they oversaw everything and if there was a problem they handled it. It took a lot of stress out of the renovation and was a totally enjoyable experience. Legacy people were professional and friendly."

Colin G.

"Rob Turcotte, Legacy's Designer, was marvellous. He was really good. It was his attention to detail and that he was taking his time that made him good. It didn't matter how long it took. He listened and came through with a design that really suits our home."

Karen G.

"The Legacy people were all professional; they followed up and made sure it was what I liked. John F did an excellent job of repairing the wood floor and protecting the existing flooring. All the Legacy staff were very pleasant to work with. They were really considerate. They made sure we understood everything and they answered all of our questions. We were very happy with everything."

Jenn H.

"There was a piece that wasn't quite right, it was the tiniest bit off. Paul, the Installer, noticed it and had to do a customization on-site and order another piece. He made it look amazing. Paul was more specific than another person might have been. Paul was an advocate for our best interest. He found tiny deficiencies and was diligent to work it through."

Jennifer T.

"The quality is excellent and Legacy guarantees their work if there is any issue. My parents had some issues after more than 10 years with their Kitchen Craft cabinets. They took in some hinges to get them replaced and Legacy handed over new hinges with no charge. There was no quibbling or anything. I think that they will do the same with me if that happens in another 10 years."

Marie G.

"Our designer sold the whole company; she made us believe in Legacy. She was awesome. I can't say enough about her. She is friendly, a great listener, and she has been at Legacy for 25 years. They are great to work with. I'd do it again!"

Val H.

"This is my third kitchen with Legacy. They did what they were supposed to do in a timely fashion. They worked like I wanted a Contractor to work. I'd recommend Legacy because they are professional and they get the work done properly and on time."

Ann Marie H.

"Steve Kunz was amazing to work with; he is very knowledgeable. Legacy has a seamless process and the end result was amazing."

Laurie G.

"Legacy stayed on schedule, they were super helpful and we didn't have to worry about anything. I felt perfectly safe with their people in my home. They worked well within the budget and the time frame."

Homeowner in Canmore

"I went in one day to the Legacy showroom. Jason Chambers was there. I had spoken with one other company before I went to Legacy. I found that the service with Jason and how he was educating me about the renovation was great. It was an easy partnership to go with Jason and Legacy."

Christine S.

"I would recommend Legacy to anybody. Right from the first meeting with our Designer, they were so professional and pleasant. Everything was on time. The value was there for what we got. The cost was reasonable and we are completely happy."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"We were super impressed with the installation process. The Installers were amazing. We even had a recent follow up to replace a door. It was really well done. Steve Kunz worked within what we wanted to do within the kitchen. He was cognisant about what we were willing to do and not do. Steve didn't push us, but gave us a few options to make it better."

Aissa C.

"We were waiting on a few pieces that took a long time. The last guy who came out was great. I called into the office to say ‘thank you', because he is phenomenal. He is a service manager and he was just helping out by bringing the last pieces. He went through and adjusted everything. He was really, really good."

Matt D.

"Legacy was easy to work through. I've heard from others that Contractors can be difficult sometimes. The craftsmanship overall as great. The installer, John F in particular, took pride in his work, he was patient with us and he was a good problem solver."

Henry K.

"I liked the choices Legacy offered. There was a choice of price range and a variety of things, all in one shopping experience. Their Designer, Paul Wedel is fantastic, he knows his stuff and he is anal about detail."

Homeowner in NE Calgary

"I would tell family and friends about Legacy. The service is good, the kitchen is perfect and they are on time."


"We knew we would end up with a ‘home run' kitchen and we certainly did. We have seen how they work. We appreciate the quality of the product. It's a ‘no brainer' for us to use Legacy."


"My wife had very good things to say about Paul's installation work. I was really happy with the quality in the end."

Lorraine B.

"It was an amazing experience. I tell everyone about Legacy. I was totally impressed with the customer service, from the service before the cabinets arrived, the delivery, during the installation and even after the cabinets were installed. The customer service was incredible."

Annette S.

"Legacy's Installer, James, was really good. He was very courteous, timely, efficient. He offered good customer care and he knew his product. James was the most valuable part of the experience."

Linda L.

"The all around package was really good. I liked that they all came to the house with the Designer before the project started. They looked at the scope of work, so there wouldn't be any surprises. They looked after all of the permits and there were no additional charges unless I asked for something new. It was as quoted."

Homeowner in NW Calgary

"Some things that went wrong or had to be fixed were minor. Legacy got on it right away. They lost a cabinet and had to re-order it. It wasn't a huge deal. Legacy is reliable and they did a good job."

Dennis W.

"Rob Turcotte had a really good idea and we bought it! There were features and options that he took time to explain to me. My wife really liked him too. We've showed off the cabinets to all of our friends."


"I'd recommend Legacy because of the customer service, warranty and the product."

Doreen & Dino C.

"We like the quality, personalities and professionalism of Legacy. The cabinets are beautiful. We liked Brad. His workmanship is excellent and he did it all by himself."

Oksana N.

"Legacy had the product we were looking for at a reasonable price. We are very happy with our kitchen. I already have recommended Jane, the Designer. The cabinets were delivered early. It worked out beautifully. Legacy's Coordinator, Annette, understood our vacation schedule and she did a little magic to make the delivery time work optimally. There were little bits to take care of afterward and they were handled well. There was a misunderstanding about one of the features in our cabinets and Legacy was able to look after it at no additional charge. I valued that there were no surprises. We are loving our kitchen and I was really happy with the experience. Jane is an amazing Designer. She really understood what we were looking for. She was helping us to make good choices because she understood what we wanted."

Anne Y.

"The relationship with Legacy's Designer, Steve was very important to us. We felt that we didn't need to worry because we were important. Brian fixed a cabinet door that I had dented. He did it in a blink of an eye. He realized that we were human and I had dropped something. It was was above an beyond for him to fix something that I had damaged."

Claudette M.

"Legacy did a great job! Our cabinets are custom made, everything fits beautifully and the pricing was good. The Designer, Jason, listened carefully and he offered lots of suggestions which improved our ideas. He is very talented at maximizing the space. I've seen custom cabinetry in other places and, in comparison, our kitchen and bathrooms look really, really good."

Marilyn W.

"My experience with Legacy was top-notch. I was mostly dealing with Steve. We had meetings with Crystal, Steve and myself. Steve explained everything so well. He and Crystal worked together to come up with a good plan and design. I'd recommend Legacy because of the personal communication. I was able to communicate with Steve and any of my questions were answered. Overall it was a good experience. I was very happy with doing business with Legacy. I was most impressed with Steve. It was meeting Steve that influenced my decision to use Legacy. He bent over backwards to give great service. He gave me a lot of confidence and he explained everything clearly. He came recently for a follow-up visit to check everything out. He was very personable and good at his job."

Deborah C.

"We had a few glitches in that some drawers had to be reordered and a bathtub didn't come in on time. These were subcontractors and we didn't have to fight any battles. May and Dan at Legacy looked after the issues. That is going above and beyond."

Karen S.

"Legacy's Installer, Paul was wonderful! The whole thing went really well on Legacy's end. I liked Paul's attention to detail."

Deirdre T.

"I valued the peace of mind. It might sound corny, but having all the trades respond when they were supposed to, reduced my anxiety. I didn't have to call the trades to follow up on the schedule. And the kitchen looks excellent! When you have big things like this done, you expect something to go wrong. Nothing is level in our home, which is over 100 years old. Legacy recognized that and they approached it that way. It was easy for me. Although we lived through 6 weeks of demolition, I feel I should have done the kitchen a long time ago. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Rob was great. I have to say that the whole process was so easy, I wish I had found Legacy a year earlier. I have told friends about them. Everyone was right on schedule, all the time. Everyone was great. Marc was awesome. He was excellent; he obviously is knowledgeable and very skilled at cabinet installation. He showed up when he was supposed to, so we didn't have to wait around for him to arrive. Everything happened when it was supposed to. Marc emailed me as needed. I really appreciated that, because I was concerned and that helped me to know what was going on."

Pamela D.

"I love the new cabinets and the design. I love that we went from oak to white. They changed the design from traditional and it's now much more modern. That appeals to me more. I'd recommend Legacy because they did such a great job. If people ask us, we would definitely tell them to use Legacy, due to the timely fashion, pleasant and informative people."

Martha G.

"We had confidence in the reputation of Legacy Kitchens and that was proven to be true throughout our experience. I have already recommended Legacy. I think it's because Legacy can contact the majority of the trades and Contractors to do the project. I appreciated Legacy's recommendations to go to specific stores. It feels genuine and helpful rather than referrals to business associates."

Yvonne M.

"Legacy Kitchen's staff were always helpful and attentive."

Greg R.

"We could see that there was a team. When we visited the showroom, people were really interested in helping us. They asked us the right questions and we didn't have to worry about anything. Working with Arno, Legacy's Designer went very well. This is our first kitchen renovation and if we did it again, we'd do the exact same things. John, Legacy's Installer is an old school guy, he is an old master...It was his attention to detail. The scribing of the cabinets was excellent. We had some slight imperfections in the floor and John worked to make sure the scribing was done right and then he would go back to the saw, three or four times. The fit and finish was really good."

Kim V.

"Legacy's part of the project was on schedule and I am happy with the end product."

David S.

"The quality of workmanship is very important and it's very high at Legacy Kitchens. The scheduling of the different trades and the payment process was very good. Their Coordinator, May, emailed the schedule and if there were deviations, she was good about explaining why and she was good at accommodating our specific needs. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Marc, is very efficient and very good at what he does. I think that is his strength. We are very happy with the installation work."

Kerry S.

"Because I live just outside of Sundre, I find it difficult to find good trades people in this small town rural environment. That was one of my first questions to Noel at Legacy Kitchens. The fact that they would come to this location was really important and influenced my decision to use Legacy. I place value in people. I valued their Designer, Rob, who was excellent. I would highly recommend him."

Dave P.

"Our cabinets from Legacy were more cost effective than if we had gotten them at their competition. It was seamless. We got what we asked for in a uneventful, smooth process. We are very pleased. Legacy Kitchens' Project Manager found service concerns that we didn't catch. To me as a customer, it just showed their commitment to quality."

Tyler A.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Jennean, was very easy to get along with, she was very professional and she exceeded expectations. Jennean's design ideas were in line with my wife's ideas and that was a big factor in selecting Legacy. Jennean presented a positive picture. She was phenomenal. I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens product and that they have a warranty. Legacy won't disappear. They have been around for a long time. Legacy is doing an awesome job."

Ingrid F.

"Kim, the Designer at Legacy Kitchens, was awesome. We hope to work with her again. You have to understand that this kitchen in the church has to please 150 people. Kim understood that and worked with us. All of the funds were from fundraising. We could only do half of the project at this time. Kim worked with us to get the best bang for the money."

Judy O.

"Legacy Kitchens is professional and you get what you ask for. You don't end up with something less than what you want. We ended up with a great result. I am very happy with Legacy Kitchens and 100% satisfied with the results and the quality of the cabinets. I am also 100% impressed with Legacy's staff."

Tyler A.

"Legacy Kitchens' quality and professionalism is above and beyond everyone else. They are friendly, welcoming and they listened. With Legacy it was more about them getting to know us, rather than selling themselves to us."

John M.

"Legacy Kitchens has a strong attention to detail. Andre, their Service Tech, pointed out things that we hadn't seen. He wasn't trying to slip anything by us. They wanted to fix any little problems or smudges, etc. A lot of friends have asked us who did our kitchen and we have told them all that it was Legacy Kitchens. We liked the service we got, the product was great, they worked well with the other Contractors and it was an overall good experience. The Installer with Legacy Kitchens, Wayne, demonstrated quality, craftsmanship & pride in his work very much so. We've had multiple people in here and had renovations in various houses and we were impressed with Wayne. He got on the phone and spoke with the General Contractor a few times to explain things and make sure that he was meeting expectations. You could tell that Wayne was very proud of his work."

Shauna, S.

"Legacy Kitchens worked to my schedule and they gave me exactly what I wanted. I didn't have to compromise on colour or style, I got exactly what I wanted, with a few good ideas thrown in from Allison, their Designer. The colour blue was really tricky because it was a non-standard colour. When the colour was achievable, it allowed me to have my dream kitchen. Legacy Kitchens' Service Tech, Andre, came out a few times. I made a few little nicks in the cabinets before Andre arrived and he appreciated that I was honest with him about that. He fixed it right away and addressed any concerns. He was willing to make it right. It was perfect! I just appreciated the willingness of Legacy Kitchens to fix the tiniest little detail. They wanted to make sure it was right. They sent a little piece back twice to get it the right length. There were little details that I might not have noticed. When they had it all fixed, I could see that it did make a difference. Everyone was so generous with their ideas and their openness. It was easy to work with all of the people at Legacy. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Anton, was fantastic. It was such a good experience - I was thrilled. I absolutely love my kitchen!"

Roland G.

"I have a trade company as well and I know the hurdles and all the moving parts that it takes to do a project. Legacy Kitchens achieved that and did a good job. I shopped at a few different places. Legacy's selection was superior and their product was as good or superior for that level of product. Legacy produces what they say they are doing to do. I would rate Legacy Kitchens' Designer at a 10/5! Allison was very professional, she knew her job and she fulfilled all my expectations. She came up with some new ideas for us. I valued the quality of product installed, the design and the changes of the layouts that Allison provided."

Andy K.

"Legacy Kitchens has a big showroom, a wide variety of product, they execute well and at an appropriate price."

Mary P.

"We liked the Legacy Kitchens' staff and the showroom. The whole process is perfect for me and my husband. There is no way I would go with anyone else but Legacy. I would give Kim, Legacy Kitchens' Designer, a 6 or even a 10 out of 5! Kim was perfect. She was so calm and she explained everything really well. She is extremely nice and she understood everything that we talked about. Kim came back to see us and to find out how things were working out for us. She was perfect for us. The is the first time we've done a renovation. We liked everything about Legacy Kitchens. Anybody who comes into our kitchen and admires and asks about our cabinets hears about Legacy Kitchens. They did a wonderful job. Legacy Kitchens is the best that I've experienced. Legacy's Installer, Paul, was really nice too. The lights inside the cabinets were perfect. Paul cleaned everything up before leaving each day. I had no issues with Legacy. They did what I wanted them to do."

Laureen M.

"I've never run into a company who is so responsible as Legacy Kitchens. Just the fact that they showed up on time, were always in contact and were easy to get a hold of set them apart. The first day, all the trades came to our home. It was really an amazing experience. Dan, their Service Tech was here, and Brian, the Installer and Derek, the electrician as well. They listened to what we wanted, they provided alternatives and we discussed what could be done and not done."

Dave S.

"The biggest thing about Legacy Kitchens is how organized they were. They answered the phone right away. The scheduling was spot on. The project was done over a 6 week period and the scheduling was awesome. We added on a few things and tweaked a few things, so from a customer service perspective, Legacy was excellent."

Jim H.

"We valued Legacy Kitchens' honesty. It seemed like they would listen to what the customer wanted and deliver what was asked for. They didn't try to load us up on extras. I liked the ease of working with Legacy."

Cheryl W.

"I realize that nothing is perfect and on any project, some thing will inevitably go wrong. The question is when mistakes happen, how do you deal with it. Legacy Kitchens did a good job and handled it with no question. A few doors came incorrectly, they didn't hesitate to reorder new ones. I had issues with the ceiling but Legacy took care to get the supplier back and fix it. I felt they did quality work and they delivered what they said they would."

Andrew M.

"I thought the Legacy Kitchens' staff were very experienced and good quality people with a good product. I like their forward planning and that they could do the project sooner than another Contractor. Legacy Kitchens' Project Manager, John and their Service Tech, Dan, were good about resolving the service issues. They understood that one of the faces on the cabinets wasn't up to standard. They worked out a new design for the shelving and manually made up a piece."

Karen N.

"Legacy Kitchens was very good. Even the receptionist was great. The first time I went into the showroom, I had my granddaughter with me. She had her iPad to amuse her and the receptionist was entertaining her and gave her a cookie. I was able to talk to my Designer. It was great."

April F.

"I am satisfied with the quality of product offered by Legacy Kitchens and that's why we went back to Legacy. It's because they were professional. The installation was seamless and we didn't have to worry about much. I love my kitchen. I have shown pictures of my kitchen and everyone asks where we got it done. I've told everybody about Legacy Kitchens. We've used Legacy before and we know what they are all about. They are well priced and faster than other options...We like what they have to offer. It's easy to go into the showroom and to pick things. Legacy has everything all laid out and we know what we can choose from."

Paul G.

"It's a wonderful product that Legacy Kitchens offers. It is exactly what we wanted, real walnut. The drawers are soft close and Michael, their Installer, as well as Mike, the Service Tech, made the fit and finish perfect. Every alignment and every gap is just right. They wouldn't stop until they had it right."

Terry W.

"I have already referred Legacy Kitchens. Legacy Kitchens is on time, on budget and they design a great kitchen. Their staff are excellent, they are service and client oriented. Legacy's staff are very engaged and respond quickly. Everything that they do is timely and professional. Legacy's staff are all awesome. I interviewed 6 companies just to find out more before I selected Legacy Kitchens. I went with Legacy because of Michael B, their Designer. He was confident and he had his group at my house within days to get me an estimate. He was on it bang, bang, bang and he was ready to go. Everyone knew what they were doing to provide an accurate package."

Jeannette W.

"Because Legacy Kitchens cares, I would recommend them. You feel like you are the only customer they have and that they want to do their best for you. Legacy staff have a passion for what they are doing. They care from the start of the project right to the finish. We had visited other cabinet retainers and were disappointed. We didn't know what we were looking for so retailers would tell us 'when you are ready and know what you want, then come back. Legacy Kitchens offered us the ability to go through a discovery process with them. Legacy's Designer, Kimberly explained and educated us. They were welcoming and showed us they wanted our business."

Mike M.

"It wasn't a hard decision to use Legacy Kitchens. It went really well the last time. Legacy can stick to the budget and schedule, whereas with other Contractors it can drag out."

Elle & Sid V.

"Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Brad, was a pleasure to work with and have in our house. He was polite, respectful, focused and he understood what he needed to do. He was enjoyable to talk with. Brad even worked late a few times to get the job finished."

Greg S.

"We liked Jason, Legacy Kitchens' Designer, from the moment we met him. He was great at answering questions, especially with me doing the sub-contracting work myself. I don't think that answering my questions would have been easy. Jason listened and he believed in us. It worked out great. My wife is very particular and Jason listened a lot. I'm an engineer and also very particular. A lesser person than Jason couldn't have done it. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Brad, was awesome. He is a great carpenter, very efficient, and good at what he does. I thought of doing it myself and almost did. I'm picky and Brad is picky too. He followed the schedule perfectly."

Margo H.

"Every time I had a concern or a worry regarding our project, I contacted Legacy Kitchens' Designer and she was on it. There was no time that she wasn't focused on what I wanted. When I think of Legacy, I think of our designer."

Dax A.

"The Installer, Wayne, with Legacy Kitchens was great. I'm a developer, I know the questions to ask and he knows how to answer them. Wayne represented Legacy very well and he knew how to correct problems in a timely manner."

Terri P.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Allison, sold us on Legacy. She made it easy. Allison understood what we were after and helped us understand their process, asking about our budget, etc. It just made sense to go with them. If there were any concerns, Legacy Kitchens' Project Manager, John took care of them. He was easy going and took time to review them with me. He was amenable and addressed everything on my list. John really went the extra mile on the ‘roll outs' in our pantry. There were some issues that I didn't think looked very good, so John had to customize a solution for them. He took great pains to make it right."

Allen C.

"Anton, Legacy Kitchens' Installer, was professional and he knew what he was doing. I explained what I was looking for and he got it and understood. I would outline what I wanted and when I got home it was exactly what I had asked for."

Bill W.

"Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Paul, was excellent. I was very impressed with his carpentry skills, his attention to detail and his preciseness. Our contractor was impressed with Paul's conduct and the way he kept his tools tidy and clean."

We were really pleased with the quality of product, which was outstanding. The service and all staff were excellent. Any issues were very minor. We've wholeheartedly recommended Legacy Kitchens to people we speak with."

John M.

"I valued dealing with Legacy Kitchens' staff. They are a good bunch of people and now I have an upgraded kitchen and the cabinets are really good quality. This is the third kitchen I have done with Legacy. Legacy's product and staff just keep getting better and better. Legacy Kitchens' Service Tech, Russell, did a fantastic job and was conscientious to make sure everything was done right. He went out of his way to make sure everything was great. You couldn't ask for better service. I cannot say enough good things about Legacy's staff."

Karen W.

"I've recommended Legacy Kitchens to our neighbours and Legacy has already completed our neighbour's Kitchen. I'd recommend Legacy because of the professionalism and scheduling. In our experience, they finished on schedule and when they came back after it was all done, all the issues were resolved quickly. We weren't left waiting. We were really happy with all of the people involved. They were very professional and the quality of the work was really good."

Bertha K.

"Legacy Kitchens had a schedule and they went by it directly. If I had any questions they were answered. There were a few issues that came up afterward and Legacy was immediately out to my home to repair the issues. I think they even went overboard and repaired some damage that I may have done."

Garry S.

"I'd have no trouble recommending Legacy Kitchens to neighbours and friends. They have a good product. We hear horror stories from people who have used other companies. Legacy has a timeline and they follow it. The job that Legacy did was on budget and very good. You can't ask for more. We saw quite a bit of John, Legacy Kitchens' Installer. We had a really good rapport. He was very interested in listening and answering. He always had time for you. He was very friendly, nice and easy to work with. He did very well with cleaning up the work area and tools before leaving each day. Everything was pretty much bang on."

Steve C.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Kim, was great. She was very thorough, she gave us some good ideas and she was willing to work with our needs. This was a new build and Kim was the only person we dealt with. We valued that Kim explained the different options and that fit the criteria and that were important to us. We were happy, overall, with the experience."

Tricia W.

"We valued the way it was all done by Legacy Kitchens – everything was on time. We had a number of things to arrange as well like plumbing and electrical. Annette, their Coordinator, was very accommodating and she helped to make things run smoothly. Legacy made a plan and executed it really well."

Teena B.

"Michael with Legacy Kitchens is excellent. He really knows my needs and he knows what Legacy can provide. I've worked with Michael a few times. He is very approachable and so easy to talk to. Michael was very helpful in accommodating us and in providing insight about the product."


"I value Legacy Kitchens' honesty. They were on site when they said they would be and I have no issues with them. I now have a modern kitchen that is bright and I love it. I am very happy with the result. I would recommend Legacy Kitchens because I really like the cabinets. I really appreciate the service that Legacy offers. They are prompt, on time, they are willing to talk and explain things. I have no complaints at all."

Linda M.

"I would use Legacy Kitchens again because of the quality of everything that was done. I am very fussy. Legacy was responsive to any concerns, both prior to starting and as we went along. I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality, installation and the way they dealt with any concerns. One cabinet didn't fit as well as I thought it should. They were able to rework it and satisfy any of my concerns."

Linda W.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Jason was helpful and it seemed like he was beside us all the way. He was really easy to deal with. He came over to the house, he helped us measure and figure out what we could do. Jason went above and beyond."

Drew M.

"There was one small issue with the timing of the plumbing. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens got back to us and sorted it out. We chose Legacy Kitchens because of the comments from other people and Legacy's overall ability to understand what is going on with the project as a whole."

Shirley E.

"I'm a big fan of Legacy Kitchens. It's really nice to have an impartial person who knows cabinetry. I have a really good relationship with Jennean, Legacy's Designer. I feel comfortable with the quality of what we are getting. She is very patient and spends a lot of time measuring. On this home, Legacy Kitchens scores 100% because the project was impeccable. I'm a Realtor and I've already recommended Legacy Kitchens. Legacy is reasonably priced, they are not the most expensive or cheapest. The cabinets are good quality and Canadian made. Legacy services everything really well. They are willing to admit when they're not right and they will fix and repair any issues. Legacy is very accommodating and provides lots of choice."

Myles O.

"We've built several other homes and used companies other than Legacy Kitchens. Legacy was way better than others. I just really valued the work with us by their our Legacy Designer."

Dona P.

"The level of communication by Legacy Kitchens was superb. The quality of workmanship was excellent. Both Larry, the Installer, and May, their Coordinator, were absolutely wonderful."

Lyle S.

"Things went really smoothly with Legacy Kitchens. We are happy with the results and would recommend Legacy to anyone. We were completely satisfied that things were as expected. We did small modifications after the fact. I have nothing to say that was a problem."

Zunayed K.

"I was not just another customer. It was a whole experience. The staff at Legacy Kitchens were all good. Every person was top notch – you can't buy that. The entire team made it a great experience. It was not just a select few individuals. Guy, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was phenomenal. He was personable, he was on time and stayed late if needed, to keep the schedule on track. He was careful of my dogs, he was respectful of the house, and he left it in great condition every day."

Anne D.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer was wonderful. We walked in and we hit it off right away. We talked and got everything sorted out. When she came to the house, she listened to everything and put it all into the design. It's exactly what I told her I wanted. There were no surprises, only a few hiccups. The hiccups we experienced had nothing to do with Legacy Kitchens. It was the company we ordered the toilets from. Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, May, accommodated all the nonsense and then Adrian came back to install them. Legacy accommodated the delays with the toilets very well."

Kathy B.

"I'm super impressed with the kitchen. I love it! There were a few snags along the way that we had to deal with. Legacy Kitchens was good in getting around that and offering suggestions. Everything went off well. The quality is super. I value that I have a better understanding of renovations and how smoothly they can go. I've had minor renovations in the past and those have not gone so smoothly. This was ‘tickety boo'."

Rob & Mona N.

"We interviewed 4 to 5 companies and no one came back to us with the level of detail that Legacy Kitchens' Designer did. Michael was ready to work with us and with our budget. We came in on budget. Everything else was beyond what we expected. It was on time and there was no arguing. Legacy delivered on what they promised. We are super impressed."

Lyndy G.

"We ran into an issue with how the cabinets were measured. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Anton, did what he could to make it right. Anton did a beautiful job. Legacy's product, service, and their installations are very good."

Franca T.

"The quality of the product and the work was great, but I think it was the people that I valued the most from working with Legacy Kitchens. James and Kim knew what we wanted and they did the work the way we wanted it done. Everything seemed to go the way it was supposed to go. Legacy's people were friendly, easy to work with and they understand what we wanted. Overall it was a great experience."

John & Stacey M.

"We valued Steve, Annette and actually all the Legacy Kitchens' staff. They were friendly and easy to deal with. We appreciated the end result, and the fact that they tried to do the best job they could. We are enjoying our new kitchen. We have already recommended Legacy Kitchens because it was a good experience. We didn't have any problems and any issues have been resolved. The result is great and we are happy with our kitchen."

Danny R.

"Paul is one of the best in the business. He is experienced, he is a great Designer, and he has good ideas for different situations. It's the service from Legacy Kitchens that I value the most, particularly in the design process. Paul is great at what he does. He does on-site mark-outs that are the best I've seen."

Sonja L.

"It was probably our interaction with Jennean, Legacy Kitchens' Designer, that we valued the most. She was a very big help and really easy to work with. We had similar tastes, so I think that helps. We had no issues with Legacy Kitchens. We would score Legacy Kitchens at 100%. They were professional, on time, and they did a great job. I would give the quality of product a 5+/5. We only had a few hiccups along the way and for a project of this size, that is surprising. Legacy had the people and the resources to deal with it quickly. Most of the issues had nothing to do with Legacy Kitchens."

Duane J.

"Legacy Kitchens' staff provided lots of follow-up. What we liked is that Legacy's staff answered all our questions. There were no surprises along the way and they were easy to deal with. The end result was great. They are a well oiled machine and run their business well. Legacy Kitchens looks after all parts of the project from start to finish and we appreciated that. We are happy with the end result."

Brad W.

"Legacy Kitchens is a very professional company. They really addressed our needs, what we wanted and what we were looking for. Legacy made sure issues were dealt with even after the walk through. We find small issues and they come and look and fix it with no resistance. That's what you want."

Guido B.

"If I had to pick one thing that I valued the most about Legacy Kitchens, was that the service was fabulous, from Kim, the Designer, and right through to the service follow-up. Legacy Kitchens is very professional. They have the experience; they do this all the time. It's the way they came to the house, did all the measuring, took a look at the space and the issues and they gave personal service. I'm very happy with them and would recommend Legacy Kitchens highly to others."

Jill O.

"I am really pleased with our renovation by Legacy Kitchens. I look at the before pictures and it is amazing. Our kitchen cabinets go to the ceiling and before, we had a wall that was bare. We have a step down into the family room and we opened that up by 18″ and it made an incredible difference. We have a window that opens, it looks much bigger and we can see our backyard. The difference is amazing. I am so happy we went in this direction. We knew it would be good and it turned out so much better than we thought it would be."

Paul A.

"We really liked that Legacy Kitchens was the designer, the installer, and the organizer of all the electrical and plumbing work, and moving the wall. They coordinated the flooring, backsplash and the painters as much as they could. It was a one stop shop for the entire project. There were many fingers in the pie – everything from the permits to the subtrades. They did a very good job of organizing and keeping us informed. We weren't here, and for it to turn out as well as it did, was an excellent outcome. We are so thrilled. This is a top notch company and a top notch product. We wouldn't change a thing after 6 months. A number of people have come into our house and asked who did the work. We've always said that it was Legacy Kitchens and they are worth every penny."

Barbara H.

"I liked being treated so well and that means the world to me. The staff at Legacy Kitchens don't get mad when you ask a questions, they just answer. I just really liked them all. I would recommend Legacy again to anybody. I have been around trades people who had a real temper. I know that if you treat people decently, they will treat you that way back. It goes both ways. Legacy treated me very well."

Wayne B.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the design process itself and that way that innovative features were included. Legacy was on schedule, the trades were exceptional, they suggested alternatives and the whole thing went smoothly. There were no problems all; we were never inconvenienced. The whole experience was fun and exceeded our expectations. It was great to have John from Legacy Kitchens on site. I was so impressed with the level of detail and care. I wouldn't notice things that he took the time to make perfect. For example, pieces of molding and the cabinet doors. He was picky to make sure everything fit and the finishes were right. John was good at communicating with all the trades. He was collaborative."

Heather P.

"The project with Legacy Kitchens was on budget. There were no surprises or hidden costs. It was all professional. I renovated my entire house. Legacy is the only service provider that I would say this about. I'm not being generous when I say that they deserve the 100% rating. It's tough to find Contractors to deliver what you ask for at a price you would expect. I've understood Legacy Kitchens is at the luxury end and they are reasonable for the service they provide. I liked that Legacy looked after the whole project."

Jerry V.

"Overall, we are extremely happy. Legacy Kitchens did a good job. The quality of the workmanship, the cabinets, and the Installer were absolutely amazing."

Brian M.

"The product Legacy Kitchens used is durable and very high quality. Their Designer, Jennean, was super helpful. If I develop the basement, I'll use Legacy."

Ian L.

"Leroy from Legacy Kitchens was a lovely guy. He was ahead of schedule. He was a first class craftsman and I was impressed with how accurate everything was. The cuts, joints, and mitres were very impressive."

Tanya M.

"I would definitely recommend Legacy Kitchens to friends. We have already recommended them. Legacy does good quality work. There was trust. If there were any issues, Legacy would handle them."

Norma K.

"Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Guy, was terrific. He was very professional. He was on time and came when he said he would be here. He worked diligently to get everything done."

Bev B.

"I've actually recommended Legacy Kitchens to a few people. I like that they kept to the schedule. I have a lot of friends who have renovated and they've always had trouble with the timeline. With Legacy, it's great that they keep to the timeline."

Ted B.

"Everything went so smoothly. Originally, we went to a big box store and that was a nightmare. We really thought we shouldn't have gone there. Legacy Kitchens was much better."

Monique T.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of their professionalism and they kept to the timeline, even though there were changes. They are efficient and they do quality work."

Wanda G.

"Legacy Kitchens' staff are professional, they have a creative Designer and fantastic ideas. I haven't had any problems.They have excellent product and a fantastic Installer."

Carie W.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because my kitchen is beautiful. They did an awesome job from start to finish. I would highly recommend Legacy Kitchens. We are now going to do the bathroom."

Ron P.

"We've had a lot of different Contractors and we've both said that Legacy Kitchens was the best. If there were any problems Legacy was always available and helpful."

Kate P.

"I have recommended Legacy Kitchens. Their showroom is gorgeous. There are so many neat ideas and styles. There are many options and the quality is there. A friend's parents used Legacy 25 years ago and they are still happy with it. The product has lasted. For everything that we wanted, Legacy was willing to deliver for us."

Leanne G.

"Legacy Kitchens handled newbies like us very well. They were always professional. They never let it show if we had silly questions. We've never been through this before. They could answer any questions or concerns. I valued that very much. We've had several people over who have loved every bit of it. The cabinets and hardware are wonderful. I was very surprised that Legacy Kitchens completed on schedule. There was a little bit of play in the calendar so they would make up time if they needed to. Emails and phone calls were returned quickly by Legacy Kitchens' staff. I never felt like we were anything but Number 1."

Carol H.

"My son and daughter-in-law who were not involved in the design, but are in the design business themselves, were very much impressed. To me, this has been a very good experience, the results have exceeded my expectations, largely due to Legacy Kitchens' Designer, Suzi, who knew what she was doing and worked extremely well with Brian, my contractor."

Dave W.

"I've already recommended Legacy Kitchens for their professionalism and their high quality employees that left us extremely satisfied. The design worked well and there was excellent installation and high quality product. I'd give a 6/5 to Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Brad, if I could. I like being involved in the process and he was so good at listening and putting in the extra hours. We felt totally comfortable working with him. There were perfect lines and fit. Everything was straight. I am really picky and fussy and it was superbly done."

Leslie S.

"Legacy Kitchens is prompt, professional, and with on time delivery. We have done a number of renovations before and Legacy Kitchens was the best we've dealt with. Legacy is specialized. Their core business is kitchens and they have a good reputation"

Sharon S.

"I was very happy. If someone asked me about the kitchen, I would recommend Legacy Kitchens and their Designer, Rob. The cabinets look great, everybody who walks in here loves them. You get what you pay for."

Deb A.

"The Legacy Kitchens people cared about the project and our home and took the time to explain. To get it done on time is amazing."

Christina V.

"It was my experience with Jennean and the quality of the cabinetry. I went to several places before I chose Legacy Kitchens. Because my first impression of walking through the door was very positive, I used Legacy. Once I decided to go with Legacy, Jennean was great. Due to minor defects on the cabinets, a few had to be reordered. Legacy Kitchens' Service Tech, Andre, was prompt in doing that. We were asking a lot of questions and we had concerns. He ordered everything for us. It all came in on time. We would definitely recommend Legacy Kitchens to someone else."

Taz & Richard

"We got the most value from the attention to detail provided by Paul W in the design. We structured the kitchen for large parties. There is good flow in the kitchen. Recently we had a party of 30 people and the kitchen worked beautifully. Everything was in the right place. Legacy Kitchens provides a solid plan to start with, a really good schedule and Legacy is on time and provides quality. Pass on a big thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this renovation"

Pat L.

"Everybody is gob smacked by my brand new kitchen and family room. I have an island and 4 chairs to sit at the island. I even have a drawer that isn't full. Both of us are extremely pleased. The project with Legacy Kitchens all stayed within budget."

Nancy V.

"I liked the straightforward and honest approach by Legacy Kitchens with good information that was organized and clear. When we were in the showroom, we were ‘sold' and we appreciated Kim's attention to us. The price seemed reasonable as it was comparable to others. The service looked to be good and Legacy was responsive to our schedule needs."

Penny N.

"John at Legacy Kitchens had to pick up the task mid way through the project. There was barely a blip. He stepped right in. I was impressed with the professionalism."

Wes S.

"Our kitchen was completed in a timely fashion. My brother, who lives in Winnipeg, had their kitchen done last year by another company. It took 8 months whereas ours was finished on time. I value the quality of the Legacy Kitchens showroom, the assortment of different types of kitchens in the showroom and the quality of the work."

Dawn S.

"With Legacy Kitchens, it's as easy as it gets. I have a brand new lovely kitchen. Their Designer, Paul, is very artistic and creative. He did a fabulous job with our awkward space."

Marj F.

"I liked the ease of the process with Legacy Kitchens. I've never done a renovation before. I've heard about renovation nightmares. I've been talking to a friend who is doing her kitchen with someone else. We had a better process and better quality and she is having a nightmare."

Dennis B.

"Legacy Kitchens did what they said they would do in the time frame that they gave us. It's as simple as that. I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens for they are professional, they have a commitment to schedule and have a willingness to fix things that aren't quite right. We were really impressed with Steve, their Designer. He didn't try to sell us on anything else that we didn't want. Legacy was top notch on our project."

Kris N.

"We like the quality of the service, the professionalism and the responsiveness with Legacy Kitchens. You can see what you are getting into and have confidence that it will be done well.Legacy Kitchens paid attention to issues. There was one cabinet that was too small and they fixed it right away. There was no hassle to correct things. Legacy Kitchens' quality based on price is very competitive. It was the best quality and service level we could find. Legacy was superior to anyone we've come across. Our experience was amazing. We felt that Legacy would take responsibility if anything breaks down in the future."

Lori B.

"Legacy Kitchens has everything together. It's the quality, the price and expertise of people working at Legacy. If a company doesn't have it all, you go no where with the project. When I saw it all put together, the service and the after service, it was all agreeable. It was all aspects of Legacy, from beginning to end. It wasn't just the kitchen, we did all our other cabinets, laundry room and bathrooms. Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, Annette, followed through and she was very thorough. If I had any questions they came back to me right away. They took care of everything. Annette was very thorough and understanding as to timelines. We set a date for the delivery of cabinets and then I had to postpone because we were delayed. She was so understanding."

Greg H.

"It's very good service. I'm in the construction industry and I deal with trades all the time. Legacy Kitchens were very good, I would use them commercially. I valued the the professionalism and the quality of cabinetry from Legacy Kitchens. They have a high standard."

Cathy O.

"I valued Legacy Kitchens' service. The pricing was really competitive and I could go in the showroom to look at things. I went to the showroom several times. I really like the fact that I can go and look at things. I'm a visual person. I liked working with our designer at Legacy. She came back with solutions when there were a few things that needed to be tweaked. Legacy Kitchens has a good reputation, and I don't want to work with someone who is not established. Legacy is a well established business."

Tim A.

"It's really good value for your dollar spent. I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens any day. It's not like going to the big box stores. It's not the same product. The cabinets are awesome. Legacy Kitchens is meticulous. There is a pantry cabinet along the side of the fridge and another cabinet above the fridge. The pantry cabinet door didn't line up with the top of the fridge. My wife didn't think it was quite right. When the Installer came in the next morning, he said something about this, even before my wife said anything. Legacy ordered up the two new doors right away."

Davide G.

"I value their professionalism and taking care of the customer. Legacy Kitchens is very organized."

Kaitlyn E.

"The Designer at Legacy Kitchens, Jennean, was a huge influence to our decision to use Legacy. We liked the price point and they had a huge selection. What I wanted wasn't available at smaller places."

Fred S.

"I valued having Suzi with Legacy Kitchens take on my ideas about what I needed and add to it so it was an excellent end product."

Blaine W.

"The Legacy Kitchens' staff seemed like specialists with kitchens and they seemed to know what they were doing. The showroom was a big selling feature."

Pat B.

"With Legacy Kitchens, you know where you stand and the schedule is good. The whole experience is good. There are enough decisions and hassles when you are selecting cabinets that you don't need problems."

Pauline P.

"There were no issues. We always had great people to deal with. We like everyone at Legacy Kitchens. It's a good team and they are thorough. They keep you up to date on the progress. They did a real push to get our order in and then kept us posted. We appreciated that."

Rick G.

"It's about trust and confidence. Legacy Kitchens did what they said. If they were running behind, they stayed late to keep the project on time."

Naomi D.

"If you look at our house, it is unique. That's because I worked with Rob, Legacy Kitchens' Designer. We talked about a spice rack that pulls out, and he told me a lot of what we could do to make it look better. Others wouldn't go into that much detail. At the end, our budget was out of control and he helped find ways to save money. He helped us to get the best of what we wanted and he had money saving tips. Rob is very good at what he does, we got along well. The last minute change was handled well."

Fred R.

"I like the quality of the product. There are some people in the kitchen industry who really price gouge. Legacy Kitchens has a reputation of being fair. I'm very happy with my cabinets from Legacy Kitchens. I feel very pleased and proud of the kitchen."

Isabella A.

"I'd say that we valued the people. We are beyond thrilled with the quality of work in our home. The product is amazing, but the people set it apart. For us, it was the privilege of creating space with the Legacy Kitchens' staff who enveloped the customer in support and creativeness. Legacy Kitchens went beyond our expectations. I can't say enough about their dedication and care; it was amazing. I almost wish we had something else to renovate! We've already recommended Legacy to everyone we know. I'd recommend Legacy for several reasons. They do become a part of your family. Legacy not only gives you what you want and ask for, they go beyond that. They supersede your vision of what you see in your home. They go above and beyond in every way to make sure you are happy."

Joanne M.

"We are happy with the end result. The Project Manager with Legacy Kitchens, John, was professional. I was very impressed that he would stop in and do things himself as needed. He was quick, efficient and a great guy to work with. He was very responsive. There were a few issues that all got fixed. It was done beautifully. I think that overall Legacy Kitchens is such an experienced team and it shows. I was impressed. These guys have done this before! They are mature, professional and nice people, too. I said to them all that I would miss them."

Joel H.

"Legacy Kitchens has a good set up for kids, with juice, videos and toys in an enclosed space. This was a big factor for us. We could drop the kids off and go through the showroom and look at the various supplies and designs. The kid's space gave us the time to look around. The cabinets are good quality and my experience with Legacy was great. We've done two kitchens with Legacy and we've been happy both times."

Frank V.

"There were a few little issues to be repaired and Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator sent a representative right away to look at it. Annette is quite engaged in what she does and she was helpful in getting our project completed. I think Paul, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens was exceptional. He did work that I thought was above and beyond. He provided suggestions and helped me place the double wall oven and the cooktop to make sure it was sitting well. He also helped me mount the hood fan. Paul was extraordinary. The work area was meticulous."

Linda K.

"I was impressed with the initial contact from Legacy Kitchens, and they were very professional."

Bob B.

"We went to Legacy Kitchens because our kitchen was done by Legacy and we wanted the products to match the cabinets that were already there. The original build was by Legacy and this was an add-on office. Everything went very well. It was a great opportunity to work with them. Legacy Kitchens' Installer, Thomas, did a very good job. Thomas was extremely professional. He provided high quality workmanship and made sure that solutions were identified and in place. We are very happy with his service."

Teresa M.

"The people at Legacy Kitchens did a very good job in a short time frame. There were no significant delays and I really like the look of the new cabinets. Legacy Kitchens have the most courteous and delightful people. They are well versed and they know how to present what they feel would be good for where we are and what we have. Their knowledge of colours and workmanship is spot on."

Katherine S.

"We had done a kitchen in a previous home about 4 years ago. With Legacy Kitchens, we found that everything was seamless and any incident was dealt with. The price point was fantastic. They worked with us in a tight small kitchen. They really listened to make sure we got everything we wanted to. We had no problems; it was perfect. I can't speak about Legacy enough. They did a great job."

Jenni L.

"I value the cabinets themselves. The Installer, Paul and the Service Technician, Andre, were so great that I would definitely come back and use Legacy Kitchens again."

Trent S.

"Legacy Kitchens has good service. The pricing was competitive. I liked the product that they offered. Legacy handled everything. We just had to make the decisions on selection. We didn't have to do anything else."

Nancy W.

"I really was impressed with Legacy Kitchens' after sales service. It was really good. When I called Legacy, there were no questions, they just came and did the work. It was clear that they cared."

Tara R.

"After we worked with Legacy Kitchens, numerous people have said how nice our kitchen is and we've increased the value of our home."

Kathy S.

"I valued the consultation time with Rob at Legacy Kitchens the most. He was able to guide us on minor and important decisions. Rob's experience set the project up for success."

Lori B.

"We appreciated Legacy Kitchens knowledge, experience and the ideas they gave us."

Trent S.

"We were very satisfied. Legacy Kitchens was done and ready before we were ready. We were very happy with Legacy who were great, to be honest. Everything went well. There were no problems. I wouldn't bother going to check out their competition."

Rod B.

"I feel that Legacy Kitchens provides quality. The whole project from start to finish was a fantastic experience. Allison was fantastic. She was very knowledgeable, yet she still listened to what we wanted. She came up with good suggestions and left it up to us at the end of the day. I appreciated that. Paul is one of the best trades people I have ever worked with and I've worked with a lot of trades people. He was super professional and was very experienced. Paul noticed things that other people hadn't noticed and he made us aware before he continued on. He never once threw anyone from Legacy under the bus. It was the way he brought it up – it wasn't an oversight by Legacy. It was seamless and everyone supported each other every step of the way."

Chantal G.

"The whole process was accurate, right from the date of installation to when each of the tasks would happen. The whole crew is an asset for Legacy. Everything went so smoothly. They never had to apologize for rescheduling. The dates they gave me to start with stayed the same."

Jenni L.

"My parents used Legacy Kitchens about a decade ago. Legacy had the cabinets that I wanted. Since I had looked at their website, I knew about their process. I liked the way it was explained and laid out on the website. I had the recommendation from my family and I was there when their renovation was done by Legacy, so I saw how it was done."

Tamara D.

"Legacy had a personal approach and they made sure they had the time to take a client on. They had a vested interest and truly cared. We were not just a number, Legacy cared about the outcome."

Kim D.

"Legacy Kitchens made the renovation easy to deal with. There is a lot that goes into a project like this. It can be a stressful situation and Legacy definitely made it easier by helping with ideas, options and setting it up. Legacy made it stress free."

Brent F.

"This installation with Legacy Kitchens is a 10. John is an unbelievable craftsman. Some of the cuts he had to do were phenomenal. I'm a craftsman myself, so I know just how good John is."

Jana V.

"Craig, Legacy Kitchens' Installer, went above and beyond. There were many things that I wanted to add, and immediately Craig would say ‘no problem' and he would get a quote. Even on weekends he would send me quotes or answer questions. Craig came out to our home, which is an hour drive, on a weekend, just to help out with some issues with the floor installers. It was so clean that you would not know there was a renovation happening."

Janet H.

"The project coordination was so good, that we didn't have to worry. We walked into this cold. We had never been to Houzz or showrooms. We were babes in the woods although we knew what we did and didn't like. Our friends told us that Legacy Kitchens would walk us through the process and that we would be fine."

Bernard K.

"We had a couple of people recommend Legacy Kitchens and Legacy lived up to their recommendations."

Chris T.

"The overall experience was really good. Legacy Kitchens' showroom is one of the best we were in. Their staff all have a high level of knowledge and that made our project better. It was a better design than any other company suggested. May, their Coordinator, was amazing. Mark and Gaston were very thorough and fantastic. Post-completion support is still fantastic. Everything rolled up well and there is nothing that would make us hesitate to recommend Legacy Kitchens."

Marnie W.

"Right from the beginning, from the first face I saw at Legacy Kitchens, the Legacy people were absolutely amazing."

Marie B.

"I wish I had done this years ago and I would have done it earlier if I had known about Legacy Kitchens."

Craig S.

"I looked at a lot of different places. At Legacy Kitchens, the quality of the product was good and the people that I talked to were clear about the installation and the timelines. It was the product plus knowledgeable people that influenced my decision to use Legacy."

Lucie C.

"We know Legacy Kitchens is reliable. They respect the schedule, we can reach people and have answers to our questions or concerns and when there is an issue it will be resolved. We can reach May or Gaston, and when the house is upside down, there is less stress when little things are taken care of."

Carrie K.

"The Service Technician with Legacy Kitchens fixed the problems. Everyone at Legacy has a positive attitude and seems professional and pleasant to be with, particularly the Designer, Michael and Paul, the Installer, did their utmost."

Sandy P.

"Marc, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was dedicated and professional to a fault. There was something that went sideways. It was an oversight on something very obvious. Marc came back at 6 pm on a Tuesday to fix something that he remembered needed to be fixed. He was so dedicated. Marc did an excellent job."

Tom E.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer communicated very well. We had to deal with a few things like curved walls. She sorted it out very well and I enjoyed it. She was a good communicator and that is not always the case."

Kevin A.

"We had a bit of an issue with the island. Our Legacy designer tried to make the island as big as possible. There was an issue because the piece of granite from Alberta Marble wouldn't cover the island as one piece of granite. Legacy and Alberta Marble worked together to make sure that a piece of granite would fit the island. It all worked out in the end."

Martin L.

"One of the kitchen doors, from the earlier renovation, was sent in for replacement and that is still outstanding. With Legacy Kitchens, the product is guaranteed to be perfect. We had the kitchen done last year, and we went straight back to Legacy Kitchens for the next renovation."

Lurline W.

"I can't imagine getting better service than with Legacy Kitchens. The tradespeople have worked with Paul for many years and they can't say enough things about Paul. We are so happy and delighted with how it all turned out. We didn't know where to start. Paul had wonderful, practical ideas."

Keith B.

"Gaston, Legacy Kitchens' Project Manager wasn't happy with the doors and drawers. I didn't notice it but he wanted it fixed properly and that is what they did – got it fixed. It wasn't big stuff but I could tell that Legacy was concerned and I was impressed and so was my wife. We had no problems from start to finish. Legacy Kitchens scheduled the work and followed through in alignment with the schedule. If there were any issues, they resolved them with no complaints."

Shannon T.

"Every time I called Legacy Kitchens in a panic, their Designer, Michael, responded immediately. He addressed all my concerns – renovations are a challenging time."


"The Installer with Legacy Kitchens was always right on time or a bit early. The installation was outstanding and I cannot dream of anything bad to say. Legacy Kitchens replaced any parts that we had concerns about with no questions. Legacy did what they said they were going to do and their service was outstanding."

Jerad D.

"Legacy Kitchens was on time with everything. They have a good warranty and we knew they would stand behind their work. I didn't know that from experience. I trusted Legacy. Everyone at Legacy Kitchens was friendly, the project was on time and the quality was top notch. One door was dented and Ryan, Legacy's Service Technician fixed it right away. There was a slight mix up on the cutlery drawer and the Designer ordered it right away. The final price was what we expected it to be."

Linda P.

"It was the schedule by Legacy Kitchens that I found most helpful. It helped us to sort things out."

Glen H.

"Legacy Kitchens had a schedule and they stuck to it even through the difficult circumstance. Legacy showed a good balance of flexibility to address additional things that we might want to do. For example, Marc offered to have the ceiling redone because there were so many holes due to the installation of the pot lights. He called in people who redid the ceiling and still stuck to schedule. The 2 days weren't even added to the schedule. I valued Legacy Kitchens' professionalism and value for money, not that it was cheap. I was swayed from their competitor when I compared the cabinets and the features on cabinets that were very similar. The price differential was enormous. That made me feel that Legacy was very good value."

Sandy W.

"Legacy definitely followed the schedule. They were there if you needed them. They are a good company that does good work."

Annabelle S.

"The level of communication on that type of contract is absolutely key. We had such a good experience with Legacy Kitchens. I was very impressed. I would absolutely use Legacy Kitchens again. I'm looking at having more done. I searched their reputation on different web sites. Legacy seemed to have a good reputation, and now I know it is a very well deserved reputation. I remarked far and wide about how clean it was kept by Legacy Kitchens' Installer. He did a beautiful job installing."

Anne B.

"Paul, Legacy Kitchens' Designer, did a lot of things beyond what we expected, so we were happy. Extra things were built in, such as the garbage bin that was installed in the cabinet."

Lara K.

"Legacy Kitchens had a good sense of what I wanted. Legacy advised me when there was an opportunity for choice, and there were some areas where I followed their recommendations. They provided a suggested layout that would satisfy me."

Jill & Gary O.

"Michael knew what he was doing. We had a few issues with a bulkhead and I really liked that the Legacy Kitchens team consulted with one another to determine the best thing to do with the bulkhead. The kitchen now has a more contemporary look which is attuned to my taste. The Legacy team listened to what I wanted. The end result that Legacy Kitchens achieved was what we wanted. It was challenging because we had a '70's kitchen that needed to be transformed. I felt there was a lot to do to achieve that and I'm happy with the result. It's improved my lifestyle!"

Don L.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of everything they did. I understood what they were doing, the products were good quality and the people were good people. Everyone worked well together and kept me informed. The quality was excellent."

Andrea B.

"It was just the fact that the Legacy Kitchens experience was the most enjoyable part of the whole building process, and it was simple. You really get what you expect and you know what to expect."

Kevin A.

"I valued the professionalism of Legacy Kitchens. Legacy came in and did the job the way it should be done. We covered the General Contractor role and built the house ourselves. We had lots of different trades from time to time on the site. When Legacy Kitchens came in, they understood what was needed and finished it. There were no issues that Legacy didn't take care of on their own. That wasn't the case with the other trades. Legacy was pain free."

Glenda Z.

"Michael with Legacy Kitchens came to see the house before we purchased it. Michael made it easy. We had a one hour window in the house. We had no idea as to what we could do, so Michael's speed and his knowledge made it work. He told us what we could do and he knew his numbers."

Graham D.

"I liked being able to have input on the cabinets from Legacy Kitchens, and see it in a 3 dimensional model within minutes. The ease of the process with Legacy Kitchens was way better than we experienced anywhere else. Michael would get back within an hour. We had better service than elsewhere. The showroom had everything you could imagine."

Kathy R.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer was awesome! We felt so comfortable with her, she was a breath of fresh air. We've done several renovations and this one was much better than the others. A few issues occurred and Legacy Kitchens contacted us right away to let us know what was happening and that they were looking after it. Legacy Kitchens was wonderful from the moment we walked into the showroom until the completion of the project."

Krista P.

"We went through a major renovation, with a four year old, and had our kitchen and living room done in a week! It was fantastic and it was painless. We anticipated a lot of hardship, arguing and annoyance. It wasn't like that. The bar is high for the next time Legacy Kitchens come in. I'm more than satisfied, I am thrilled. It was done ahead of schedule. We are going to do another project with Legacy Kitchens."

Margaret G.

"We appreciated the holistic ‘kid glove' treatment that we received from the moment we walked into the showroom. The experience from A to Z was very comfortable. We were comfortable with the way that choices were presented to us and the way that our decisions were documented and shown to us. The service was incredible and Paul with Legacy Kitchens exceeded our expectations with the amount of ‘kid glove' care."

Susan B.

"I value the end result and Thomas and his installation work. Legacy Kitchens has been around for a long time and they have a good reputation and a good name. I didn't want to use someone who took money up front and I didn't know well."

Karen E.

"Legacy Kitchens were on time, professional, friendly, helpful and they cleaned up after themselves. It was a painless renovation, once the project got started. Legacy staff was just like family to me."

Joanne T.

"The service and the quality of the work of Legacy Kitchens was good. Ryan was really good and he fixed the things that needed to be fixed. We want Legacy staff to know that we appreciate the good job that they did. They need to be acknowledged for the good work. We got good service and there are not many companies that will do that anymore. Our kitchen was pretty hassle free. Any hiccups associated with Legacy Kitchens were quite minor."

Chioma U.

"Paul with Legacy Kitchens is really good to work with as he is very experienced. We didn't know a lot about designing a kitchen but Paul educated us on the product and what we should consider. He helped us stay within our budget and gave us good recommendations. He helped us accomplish our vision and we really valued his expertise."

Sue M.

"Legacy Kitchens' Designer did a great job. We ran into a couple of snags and she spent the time to work it out and to work with us. It was nice to have advice and professional help at every stage. We were provided with a lot of suggestions and ideas. Our kitchen is more usable. I had more confidence when I worked with Legacy Kitchens. Everything went smoothly. We were very, very happy with Patricia at Legacy Kitchens. She was very organized and helped us figure out the best timing for delivery and installation. The Installer at Legacy Kitchens did a very good job. He was meticulous and tidied up after himself. He did everything within the time frames that he said he would."

Loretta S.

"I found May, Legacy Kitchens' Coordinator, to be very attentive. When we had the occasional scheduling issue, such as with our appliances coming late, she was quick to respond to accommodate and adjust the schedule. We also had an issue with the demolition of our flooring and May responded very quickly. Marc with Legacy Kitchens was great to work with. He had a great sense of humour, which helped because we spent a lot of time together during the day. We asked Marc to do some additional minor carpentry work for us and he did that well."

Val L.

"I already have recommended Legacy Kitchens. When people come into my kitchen and go "Oooooh and WOW", I tell them that Legacy Kitchens did the project."

Serge P.

"This level of professionalism you don't often see in manufacturing. Legacy Kitchens offers the full gamut of service from design to installation. The project was followed by Legacy's Designer, Paul very closely. We were surprised at the amount of time taken to measure everything to the 'nth' degree."

Sheila K.

"I'd recommend Legacy Kitchens because of the quality, care and attention. When Legacy is focused on you, they are totally focused and are very professional. They always made appointments to come back and they were always professional. Paul, the Installer with Legacy Kitchens, was spectacular."

Anne E.

"Legacy Kitchens did what they said they would do. Legacy was professional, had good ideas and had the systems in place to make it happen. The CAD three­ dimensional drawings provided a helpful visual perspective to see what the kitchen would look like. Michael took the time to work with us which was great. Legacy knew the budget and stayed within it. The whole thing with Legacy Kitchens was great. Michael, the Designer was professional, clear and available. He gave us ideas for 2 options that would stay within the existing kitchen footprint. We are thrilled with the end result. The Legacy team was easy to work with and I'd recommend them. The Coordinator at Legacy Kitchens, Patricia, was very clear and Legacy's smooth process was unbelievable."

Marlene N.

"We went to a number of cabinet and kitchen providers. The Legacy Kitchens' staff and their showroom were outstanding. The finished product is excellent and very functional. Legacy had a really good selection. It was all on time, professional and the finished quality was excellent. The whole experience was excellent."

Jeremy S.

"For the quality of cabinets at Legacy Kitchens, the price point was awesome. We looked around at different places and we were able to get close to what we envisaged at a price that enabled us to do what we wanted. Patricia at Legacy Kitchens was awesome. Whenever something went wrong, she made it better. Patricia listened to us. We had a few finicky things at the end and she stayed with us through the end."

Marion H.

"Paul with Legacy Kitchens is a genius at what he does. We left the project in his hands and he came up with the most amazing cabinets for us. We have nothing but amazing things to say about Paul. He is an absolute genius, and very personal and willing and eager to respond to all our needs."

Martin M.

"Our designer at Legacy listened and was not Listen exasperated when we went in circles...it takes a lot of interpersonal skills to deal with both a husband and wife with different ideas and to overlay artistic skill on top of that is amazing. I'm a bit of a craftsman myself. The Installers were better than I could have hoped for. Legacy fits into a nice price and quality point. We are happy with that and we continue to be happy with the product. Legacy has a great product at a sensible price point, well sold, well installed, and any issues were well handled."

Marina B.

"The kitchen design was beautiful. Everything that I asked for was looked after. We did a full out renovation...with other Contractors, if it's not quite right, they would say: That's as good as it gets. Some Contractors don't mind if it is not right. Legacy made sure it was 100% right. They replaced anything that wasn't perfect. I thought I was being too picky, but Legacy made it clear that they wanted everything to be right."

Debbie D.

"I liked dealing with Legacy. They listened. I had a general idea of what I was looking for and Allison put it all together so I could see what it looked like. Allison let me say what I liked and what I wanted and then she went with it. Legacy had every imaginable cabinet, a large selection. You could go from very modern to very traditional. Allison could show me lots of alternatives because Legacy had a good selection compared to other places. You could physically see the examples. If you had a question or problem, all you had do was make a phone call or message and it was dealt with right away."

Elizabeth G.

"When it comes to renovations, and we've done a lot of renovations, Legacy is the only company that lives up to their promises. They have amazing service. Legacy is a good company and that is hard to find these days. If I needed to do this again, I would be knocking on Legacy's door again."

Jennifer D.

"We've built a couple of houses and the kitchens were always done with Legacy. The guys were very good at making sure we had everything we needed. The Legacy product is high quality...The kitchen looks amazing! Legacy has been around forever and they do quality work. I knew the job would be done right. I had faith in Legacy and they had a pre-meeting so we could meet everybody."

Priscilla G.

"The showroom is impressive, because it shows what the product will look like - it shows the vision. Even at the start of renovation, we had already developed a camaraderie. So when it started, it was smooth sailing. It was like we had known the Legacy people for a long time. aston was very efficient. All our questions were answered. He wrote them all down on his iPad. Gaston was there when we needed him. When we want to 'go further' or rearrange something, he was right there. He came up with solutions right away. I was happy that it turned out the way I envisioned it. The product is good and the project was done on time. The scheduling was good."

Dan M.

"May was very friendly, approachable, very professional, she returns phone calls and listens to what you have say. She takes action on any items that require action. I can't say enough about the two gentlemen who did the installation. They were absolutely professional, very attentive and listed to our concerns. I'm a hands on kind of guy. They made time to talk to me, they were proficient and absolutely knew what they were doing. I'd recommend Legacy because of the quality of the materials. They gave us a schedule and they were on the mark on everything. The trades people had dates and they were on time every day, all the time. Legacy has great people. They are attentive and concerned about our concerns. "

Ester Z.

"Legacy was easy going and they took care of us. Everything was on time, nothing was late and the work was done quickly. It was well done. I know how it can be a real pain when things are not done on time or when trades don't come to the work site. The kitchen renovation was a dream, not a pain. It was not inconvenient at all. It was nice to work with Legacy. When we went to Legacy, we were nervous about the price. When our designer told us the Legacy price, it was lower than we expected. It was a happy surprise! We valued that we were so well taken care of considering that it wasn't a big kitchen project. Legacy could have not dealt with us. Some Companies won't speak to you because the job isn't big enough for them. For us, it was big project."

Linda W.

"I went back to Legacy because of the quality from the last time I used them. The crew and the product are excellent. It's a quality product and quality installation; all top notch. Marc is a genius. The Legacy people are the kind of people you want around when you want a job that's done right. I love my kitchen. I absolutely love my kitchen."

Brad M.

"I'd recommend Legacy because of the efficiency of the process. They take away the worry about getting a new kitchen. It's nice to have one core group."

Terry B.

"Legacy has a friendly environment and professional staff. The Installers were high quality. There were no hassles -- it was 'hassle free.' It was the people we were dealing with that made the experience a good one."

Zoe B.

"[Our designer] was exceptional and she gave us all the options. We worked well together. She was knowledgeable, accommodating, thorough and friendly. They were all fantastic people. May was exceptional at what she does. She answered inquiries immediately. May was friendly and thorough. Legacy staff are tops in everything. It's the best I could imagine. They made a hard job go smoothly and well. The Legacy staff did all they could to help us out. It was painless. If I could give a 110%, I would do that. The project and the result were beyond what I thought it would be."

Jona W.

"I was so impressed that everything went exactly as planned. There were no delays. Our kitchen is absolutely beautiful and we shopped around a lot. The overall quality of the cabinets was beautiful. "

Darcy B.

"It was a great experience. Legacy were Contractors that we could count on. Legacy were the ones that did what said they were going to do. When we were stressed out we felt very supported by Legacy. Once when there was something not right, Russ would say, "Don't worry they will fix everything." And they did! It was 'mint' when it was all done. Russ would come back and also Andre came back to make sure everything small was done. You know that Legacy will come back until everything is right. The whole experience was excellent."

Carlye H.

"We had our kids with us, so the [showroom] Hostess set the kids up with a movie and a snack. It was awesome. The kids thought it was all about them. We thought it was all about us. We'd recommend Legacy because of the customer service; the options for our kids; the showroom cabinets were much better than looking at a brochure; all the people we worked with were really professional, helpful, pleasant and no one was grumpy; any issues were caught and Legacy had solutions for us right away; the quality of the product is amazing. The Legacy price is comparable when you consider the quality cabinets, installation and customer service. It's comparable to anything else out there. We felt we had a really good deal."

Angy M.

"The showroom was wonderful and then we met Jennean. At that point, we didn't go any further because we felt comfortable at Legacy. May was awesome...she worked with us and was flexible. She moved things along and gave us a good explanation for any question we had, no matter how minor.I'd recommend Legacy particularly if you don't want to do any leg work or to deal with the Contractors. It all went smoothly. If there was an issue, Legacy handled it. They were very professional." "

Ron M.

"I am very pleased with the cabinets. I looked through a lot of cabinets and have been through a lot of stores. Legacy is number 1. Andre was awesome. He showed care for each individual 'cupboard.' He open each door and examined it, and then went over to the next, and so on and so forth. Then he came back to fix anything that needed to be fixed. Legacy is professional, neat and clean. When Andre came in, he took his shoes off at the door. All the staff were all courteous."

Pat W.

"Legacy Kitchens does quality work. They have a schedule, they keep to the schedule and they are there to answer all your questions. When your kitchen is turned upside down, it can be difficult. Everyone at Legacy was wonderful and did their job well."

Elsie T.

"We went to a half dozen places and everyone at Legacy was so much nicer and more professional than the other places. We'd recommend Legacy because of all the other suppliers we looked at, we found the Legacy product was the best and the people were really good too."

Kathi S.

"The timeliness and process were very good. This was one of the smoothest renovations I've done. We've done a lot of renovations. I couldn't believe how smoothly this went. It was a surprise. It's hard to think of anything they could improve. Even the price was within our expectation."

Rick T.

"I am so pleased with Legacy from start to finish. I've dealt with other companies where people didn't take much care in servicing the client. At Legacy, they treat the customer right. Calgary is a busy place and on the go. At Legacy, I never felt like I was rushed to make decisions. We were asked as to what we were looking for and we received the care and attention that people should expect."

Martin L.

"I would recommend Legacy because they are extremely professional, on time, there is a minimum of fuss, they are courteous and there is no aggravation or pain. "

Gerry K.

"We were impressed with the professionalism of the process. It looked to be well managed. We had confidence that Legacy could do what they said they could do. They were highly recommended. I don't think we had any service issues. I had the impression that Legacy would resolve anything, had there been any issues. "

John O.

"You can tell they love their jobs. I know that the design is one thing, but the most important thing is the after sale service. When it was all said and done, they didn't take my cheque and go away. I called afterward. We had two inspections and whatever minor flaw was found, they fixed it with 100% professionalism. The job was on budget, on schedule and the quality was great."

Sharon & John

"The design was wonderful. I think we appreciated the coordination the most. We didn't have to go out to find Contractors. Legacy brought the team of experts to the job. We had our own hardwood floor guy, but we didn't know an Electrician or Plumber or Granite Supplier, so we appreciated the coordination of a team of experts."


"Working with Legacy, I got the impression that Legacy wants the customer Culture to be really happy. I didn't have to keep phoning to get little things corrected. That is nice service in this day and age. I'd recommend Legacy because of the professionalism. It's not hard to deal with a company that wants to have the best products and customer satisfaction. I was treated with respect; they listened. The quality is a given. It's nice to deal with people who are professionals."

Elsie T.

"We went to a half dozen places and everyone at Legacy was so much nicer and more professional than the other places. Of all the trades, we liked Legacy the best."

Pat W.

"When your kitchen is turned upside down, it can be difficult. Everyone at Legacy was wonderful and did their job well. Legacy Kitchens does quality work. They have a schedule, they keep to the schedule and they are there to answer all your questions."

Mouna O.

"Since this is our first renovation experience in 15 years, we were really wary of a kitchen renovation. The kitchen is the biggest project in the house. We added an island and double ovens, so there was a lot of uncertainty on our part. It's nice to deal with people who know what they are talking about. Our designer at Legacy was not afraid to say what would work and not work. She gave us options to think about; a lot of give and take. We were also impressed with quality. We asked about the thickness of the shelves and so forth. The kitchen is now a WOW factor in our home because you see it as soon as you enter."

Glenda N.

"They have a lovely, quality product. Their service is definitely above average for the price range. Legacy Kitchens is professional, reliable and provides a good result. Their people do care about the finished look and customer satisfaction. You definitely feel that as the process unfolds."

Bill S.

"Legacy listened. Every one of the employees was technically sound, a good communicator and did what they were supposed to do in a timely manner. The product is wonderful, but more importantly, Legacy kept their word and were on time."

Trina L.

"Legacy has very caring people. If we were going down the wrong path, Dave would steer us. This is a big step for us. Our kitchen isn't huge, but it's how you use your space the best."

Mark S.

"The showroom was fabulous, there is a wide range of product and the initial people we dealt with were great. Legacy was the lowest of the quotes that I received and they have a superior product compared to the other quotes."

Dana E.

"I love the kitchen. The cabinets are so well made. The sliding things work so well, they are just fantastic. There are details that I didn't know would be available, such as the dividers over the fridge for the baking sheets. Those little things make it so convenient. The good quality, solid, well made cabinets and the overall great experience with Legacy and the subcontractors that they recommended are all reasons that I recommend Legacy."

Steve J.

"The whole experience was great. Legacy is always very professional. It's obvious that they are concerned about what their clients think. We had other renovations going on at the same time. [James] really worked to make sure the experience was excellent and professional. Legacy was the best part of experience. From the initial concept through the design and installation, they demonstrated professionalism and skill. They bring people who care, like Russell."

Cindy J.

"Everything is well organized. They listen to what is important to you and how you like to work in the kitchen. The product is great. It looks exactly how it was presented on paper. It was all a good experience."

Terry O.

"Our friends had used Legacy. Ours is a smaller project and Legacy still paid attention to our project as though it were a much larger project worth a million bucks. The attention to detail is marvellous. Whether a person's project is small or big, you will be pleased with the service. Legacy will make sure it turns out all right."

Jennifer M.

"Legacy was on time. People always say that renovators are not on time, so I was impressed that Legacy was on time. The Legacy Kitchens' scheduling and service were excellent."

Dale N.

"I valued many things. The whole experience was great. It was a lot of fun working with them. They did a good job from start to finish. They were very thorough. Even though they do a lot of kitchens, and there are a lot of players, it's still unbelievably smooth, 'likity split.' They were pretty exceptional."


"Working with Legacy, I got the impression that Legacy wants the customer to be really happy. I'd recommend Legacy because of the professionalism. It's not hard to deal with a company that wants to have the best products and customer satisfaction. I was treated with respect; they listened. The quality is a given. It's nice to deal with people who are professionals."

Karen S.

"I was so happy that we went with Legacy; they made our home. All aspects of the service exceeded my expectations, everything was according to the timelines they laid out, everyone was respectful, and the quality of the product was great."

Claudia F.

"They stuck to the schedule. The people we worked with and the small Legacy Contractors, from front line to Designer to Installers, were all personable, approachable and did a great job. We are pleased with the end product and the whole process…Legacy did the best you can do to have the least pain possible during the renovation."

Sally L.

"I'd recommend Legacy because of the awesome product, quality work and I can't say enough about the service. I am a picky person and I can say that my kitchen is perfect.The overall customer service experience is awesome. Legacy staff all dealt with me very well…They were all excited with me, and I never felt that I was a nuisance or I was getting in their way."

Lorianne W.

"You know what you are going to get. If there is a problem, they will fix it. My happiness with the kitchen is a reason to recommend Legacy. I'm expecting to have people into my home and when they see the kitchen they will want to know who did it for me. I hadn't been planning to redo the kitchen because the house was newly renovated when I bought it. After the flood, I had to start from square one. Even the previous owners said the kitchen was much better than before. The Designer put the time in and the first day we laid out the plan. Jason was able to put together what I had in mind. It's exactly that! I got what I wanted. Without the Designer I wouldn't have known what could have been possible."

Braxton S.

"We had a good experience with our Legacy designer. Everyday, we say this is a really functional kitchen. It works well...it's sharp and effective."

Matti L.

"Paul was very meticulous. There were no issues. Of all the Contractors (and the kitchen was the biggest part), Legacy was the smoothest."

Linda D.

"Customer service, product quality, reliability and scheduling were excellent. The trades that Paul recommended were on time and good quality. Honestly, we have absolutely no complaints. Everything went well. There were no glitches that were not resolved. The end product is as promised. We are as happy with our kitchen as our three friends are happy with their kitchens. In that business it would be easy to have problems and we didn't have any problems."

Maria K.

"Legacy understood what we wanted to have. They were professional. Patricia is a great Coordinator; the project was on schedule. Leroy is great Installer; he is accurate, precise, and professional. There were no minor details outstanding. It's a great product, we didn't have to wait…there was good selections of cabinets, moldings and everything. As an engineer, I wanted to have particular drawers and specific features…In the end, I got what I wanted with Robert's design and his suggestions."

Lauryn S.

"It's one thing to get good service during the project, and the follow up care was really impressive with close attention to detail. Legacy is clearly in the customer service business. Renovations aren't easy and Legacy was the best part of the renovation. I was so surprised and pleased with the variety of cabinet choices and the choice of price ranges. We've been to other companies for other things, and we found Legacy's service and the knowledge that they offered were excellent."

Diana M.

"It was so on time, I couldn't believe it. So many friends told us that you have to add on a month for this type of project. Legacy was right on time...The scheduling was excellent and May did a fantastic job."

Tracy J.

"Their staff. They are super professional and easy to deal with. You don't always get that in this industry. Legacy staff are totally professional and always upfront and honest."

John M.

"Their professionalism and by that I mean, their staff were courteous and they follow-up. They provided service without question. It is clear that the customer is number 1 with Legacy Kitchens."

Anne H.

"There are so many things: professionalism, their coordination, the team work, everything just fit together flawlessly. It was a flawless execution of a game plan."

Rebecca S.

"It was Legacy's honesty and consistency. They have great product and we are really happy with end result."

Janet L.

"The quality of the product. We have solid maple finish, it is beautiful. I am really satisfied."

Bill D.

"Honesty and integrity. You have to see it to understand the quality - it is superb. The quality is exceptional."

Dennis A.

"We have a very nice product, it is very functional and looks good. All the people at Legacy are exceptional."

Klorela D.

"Product and service. I am happy, I love my kitchen. It was a very good experience."

Sonja S.

"I have a really nice kitchen. I was really happy with the service work that was done."

Amy N.

"Combination of quality of product and the whole team was amazing."

Alice H.

"The contact with Michelle. She was never in a hurry. She walked us through everything and made recommendations. She was never hesitant to re-explain something and find the answers to our questions. The whole company was really easy to work with."

Margot G.

"Their professionalism and their willingness to deliver on what they said were going to do. All of Legacy's staff were very respectful when coming into our home. It was easy to have them here (in our home)."

Tom P.

"The end product. We love the kitchen. Everything worked very well. From the design, to the scheduling, to the way the trades worked together, it couldn't have been better. Everyone is skillful and instilled confidence in the process."

Debbie D.

"My finished kitchen. The little things that Dave provided: he built me a lazy susan that I actually like; he put in some unexpected things as well; and I love the amount of storage that I have."

Tracey D.

"They laid everything out on paper - the cost, the design, what they were going to do and when they would do it. It was well organized and we knew when it would be completed."

Rosanna M.

"The people. They were great, always positive and very detail oriented."

Kathleen H.

"Their professionalism. They made me feel good. They are friendly and never made me feel like I didn't know what I was talking about."

Karly G.

"Legacy's follow through and service. When problems occurred Legacy's staff came quickly and were happy to fix the problems. They are not problems if someone is willing to fix them right away."

Gord M.

"The Legacy atmosphere, their service and their people. Legacy's staff are friendly and they are all really nice people. There was no pressure in the showroom. When Legacy's staff were in our house they were never in the way and they appeared to be happy doing their work. They didn't sluff off or not show up, they just went about their work and got it done."

Miranda W.

"I have to say it is about Legacy's customer service, it is really great. I also really appreciated their quality inspection. They took the initiative to make sure my job was done correctly. They identified what was wrong. I didn't know that the panel was backwards and then they fixed it, no problem."

Tessy N.

"The friendship we have with Arno and the friendship that my husband gained with Gaston and the other contractors. They were human, they talked with us and were friendly. They worked with us and make good suggestions. There was a real personal attachment by the end."

Tessy N.

"Just their commitment to the product and their service, it shone through. I never felt that I wasn't being taken care of. It felt that Legacy was always one step ahead the game."

Gayle H.

"Their empathy, they acknowledged what we had been through. The project was initiated because of some water damage…it was the last thing we needed. They handled us and our project very well. Rob was really good, as he listened and showed compassion and empathy. The work was also really good."

Gary F.

"Professionalism. It is hard to find these days."

Vera C.

"Their receptiveness to talk and listen to my concerns. When I had a 'flutter of doubt', my designer calmed me down. Legacy was there to help. I don't think I was the easiest customer, as it was scary for me…but my Legacy designer was patient, was there to help and provided me with the guidance I needed."

Sean M.

"Its hard to nail down but the way we were treated was amazing. We were treated with respect, basic simple respect. We are not people with a lot of money, we knew roughly what we wanted and were just treated with respect. Jason, Patricia, Thomas and Russell all treated me with respect. I sent in a testimonial and they sent a nice reply. It feels that I am more than just a client to Legacy even though I may never deal with them again. The quality and workmanship was also great. Being treated respectfully is nice in today's work."

Mark V.

"The time they put into it. I never felt like a number, I felt important, everyone knew my name and they had time for me."

Lisa S.

"In some respects if we have warranty issues we believe Legacy will be there for us. We are buying a quality product and I am confident that they will warranty the issues. They are not a company that will disappear. Paul was great. Patricia and Andre were also great. Legacy's service is exceptional. I have recommended a new client to Legacy. They will be starting the project with them soon. You get what you pay for. They are not inexpensive but they sell quality product."

Joan P.

"I know they are a good company and I feel comfortable with them. I feel that my money has been well spend. I am happy with the end result."

Jen L.

"Accountability. We likely contributed to some of the confusion but we never felt responsible for it. Legacy always took accountability for the challenges. They never pointed fingers, at us or anyone else. Legacy showed us a high level of accountability - it really came through…I would put full trust with any of the Legacy staff that we dealt with."

Diane H.

"Legacy's commitment to quality and their commitment to the customer - it was really about Legacy's integrity."

Carolyn C.

"I think it is all about our designer...she held our hand through the whole process…I just think it is refreshing to deal with a company that does exactly what they say they will do."

Casey J.

"Legacy gave us the best customer experience when we first went in their showroom…the way we were initially treated kept us with Legacy. My husband and I are in our mid 30's and we are quite casual. We are often not taken seriously but Legacy took us seriously and their hostess was very welcoming."

Lana C.

"I ended up with a great kitchen. Michael was great to work with, he listened and just made it happen."

Debra C.

"Legacy was our partner through the whole project. I felt they were there to make sure we were happy in the end."

John B.

"Talking with our designer at Legacy - it was the nicest experience."

Gloria V.

"You get what you pay for. With Legacy you get the quality. Legacy is not the most expensive but they are not the cheapest either. Legacy is mindful of your budget. I was very happy with that. Robert was excellent to work with. He was very patient and gave good feedback. The trades he suggested were also good."

Catherine K.

"Quality of workmanship."

Joanne S.

"The attention to detail of the field people. They really go that extra mile to make sure that things are finished. Another company could have delivered the same cabinets and it wouldn't have turned out as well. Thomas came out with better ideas on site that really helped make things look better. That attention to detail really impressed me. He really cared that I was happy. He takes a lot of pride in his work."

Judy C.

"May's coordination. I have never met her, but she is so organized and you get the distinct feeling that she is running a tight ship. I felt that she was listening to me. May was a bright light in the whole project. I appreciated Gaston's expertise and involvement. I felt that I was in good hands with his involvement."

Laurie K.

"They made the schedule work and they delivered. The quality was great, even though they were working hard to accomplish a tight schedule, they didn't compromise on the quality."

Homeowner in Lake Bonavista

"There is one issue that came to light this past weekend but I am not fussed about it. I know that Legacy will fix it, that is the way they operate. They are very professional. My wife was running the project and she was really happy with the result - the quality of workmanship, follow thru and commitment."

Ella W.

"The way they conducted themselves, I was really impressed. They are very professional, when they said they would do something, they did it and they did it on time."

Wayne P.

"The people."

Bill S.

"…Their ability to design a kitchen, they understood what we needed, they came out to check things, they had innovative ideas to resolve problems on site. They delivered when they say they would deliver, the quality of cabinets (near to custom built, even though they are made off site). Legacy is one of the top places in Calgary to get quality cabinetry."

Kathy M.

"The professionalism, how easy going the people were, it was really nice to come home. They were very accommodating, polite, friendly. I felt really comfortable."

Veronique S.

"I appreciate how the people that worked in the house would come back if I had a problem. I felt like I was being looked after. It was a great experience."

Soraya K.

"They are very helpful in making decisions, they listen, they adjust and they help you to make the correct decision."

Fred P.

"They respected my dollar. That's huge for me. They treated me well because it's the right thing to do, not because they expected to see me again."

Dana J.

"The contractors all got along. I felt comfortable being away when they were here. They were OK with my dog!"

Linda H.

"The honesty, the clarity, the price was the price. The workmanship…timing was nice - in and out quick."

Gerry Y.

"They really did show me that they cared about what I wanted; they were conscientious about my budget; they delivered exactly what I wanted. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to work with and I don't usually give top scores. I have renovated before and have never had such a positive experience."

Christine A.

"The education I got on the process of renovations. Working with Legacy taught me a lot about how companies like theirs work. It helped me understand how my home could be more functional."

Jeane H.

"I felt that I could phone anyone from Legacy to ask them questions and get information. The end result is beautiful. I've only had good comments from my friends. I expected Legacy to stand behind their work and product and it's what I've got."

Chris R.

"Legacy scheduling was valuable to me. They let us know what was going on, that was very valuable to me."

Ed S.

"Sharon. It was a fabulous interaction with her. She had great ideas that all came through to give us a fabulous space."

Barbara M.

"I like the end product. I was very happy with the individuals who came to our house- Michael, Gaston and Craig. They were a very nice trio and I would like to work with them again in the future."

Carl B.

"I think the end result. They look beautiful and are functional. It's also peace of mind. Our designer said if I have problems in the future, they will be there. I would say that they've lived up to my expectations. Legacy has a great warranty, they back you and that was probably the biggest selling feature of all."

Dan G.

"My happy wife-there's no doubt of that in my mind! Overall, it made a remarkable improvement in our home."

Bill M.

"That it was a good renovation deal with no hassles- on time and on budget."

Donna G.

"I would say everything. They were so good overall. If there was a question I had, they were there patiently waiting to answer it. I love my new space."

Nancy R.

"Their customer relations. They were listening to what I wanted and they drew up the plans the way that I wanted them. It was professionally done and they made it feel like it was all my idea!"

Robyn R.

"Number 1 is our designer. Number 2 is May. Next would be a tie for Gaston and Dan. They were both there to help when needed."

Alyce B.

"The level of communication starting from Michael with the design work through to the trades. The fact that we could talk to them and they would listen and were not disrespectful was great. Gaston did a great job keeping us in the loop."

Phil M.

"The follow up was very good. You were definitely not on your own after. Arno and May and Guy were really super and Lee was fantastic as well."

Jennifer L.

"That I can rely on them. I didn't have to worry, they are trustworthy and they weren't trying to get more money out of me."

Shelly K.

"Having our beautiful new kitchen to enjoy. Arno made good suggestions - it looks beautiful and is so much more functional than we ever thought it could be."

Sharon W.

"The competency and efficiency with which they handle the whole process. The value for what you pay is excellent. Their prices are reasonable."

Shannon H.

"The way they work together as a team. The whole thing flowed amazingly. I knew what the execution of the schedule was supposed to be and if I needed to get a hold of someone, and couldn't reach them right away, someone else would get them. Considering it was a renovation, they were very clean and it was very stress free. Teamwork would be the one word that I would give them."

Diane S.

"The quality of the product. The knowledge and experience of the staff."

Pat B.

"I can't believe how supportive they were and how genuine they were. They took time for you and were very friendly and accommodating. Our Legacy designer in particular was supportive. She accommodated our schedule by coming into our home when it worked around our work schedules. By going over the plans in our actual home, it gave us a different perspective and that was so valuable. I know that Paul really appreciated working with Danielle. He really respected her work and spoke highly of what was happening in her area. We really appreciated the quality of the product as well."

Mabel L.

"They were so friendly and accomodating."

Sashi B.

"Definitely the end result. The good quality, professional job done well. It will definitely increase the value of our home."

Trevor M.

"The finished product. It's amazing."

Donna D.

"They got it done in pretty good time. We really like the end result."

Melinda P.

"Their customer service. I was so impressed that when I called them, I had their immediate response. They were always there. It just takes the stress down."

Ed G.

"The final finished product. It looks great. The furniture is coming soon and we are looking forward to using the house."

Rick P.

"Customer service. It was obvious that they were committed to me and my project, even though I probably didn't have the biggest budget. We weren't treated any differently and that was very nice."

Mike B.

"They offered good value of service and product for the money. When I first went in and told our Legacy designer that I had considered doing the cabinets myself, he took me through and showed me what they had and what the cost would be if Legacy supplied the cabinets and took care of everything. He suggested I go and do the math and see how it compared to what I could do in terms of product, time and money. I did all that and realized that it would be good letting Legacy take care of things for me while I did other things. It worked out well. I liked the quality of the product."

Ross P.

"The fact that they are local, support local workers and use Canadian made cabinets. Legacy has a good history and reputation. The fact that they advertise "higher end" products in magazines like Avenue. It all went very good for me. Normally I would think of things to suggest but everything was good. The explanations were good, I had someone I could call."

Paul H.

"The quality of work done. They referenced all the other trades that we used and we were happy with them all."

Carla C.

"That they did what they said they would do- all of them: Jason, May, Guy and Gaston and the plumbers. They also did it when they said they would. They were completely trustworthy and that is hard to find in the industry."

Gerry B.

"It was an eyeopener as to how solid a company they are. They were fantastic."

Rosa D.

"The end result. I love the functionality of this kitchen. It's efficient and everything is well placed. I swear it takes me less time to empty the dishwasher now than it ever did in my old kitchen. I also love the style, how it looks and feels in the kitchen.
We were also over the moon with our designer. She has fantastic design sense and taste. We were getting the look that we wanted and she understood it right away and offered other alternatives we hadn't considered. That was a big reason we went with Legacy."

Mark H.

"Rob's knowledge. We had some strong thoughts about what we wanted in our kitchen and Rob helped make them work. In the end I would say that the kitchen is 70% ours and 30% Rob's. We are more than happy with the suggestions he made."

Joyce H.

"The end product. The kitchen is amazing. It's so functional and I would have to say it was an amazing transformation. It also felt like I gained friendships there. I probably won't meet any of them again, but I would feel comfortable just stopping by to let them know how much I love my kitchen."

Jim H.

"They do a very good job, the end result was great. We are extremely happy. They are very professional. The design was good, the product was very good quality. Legacy as an organization is very dependable. Legacy really makes the effort and strives to do a good job. They do their best to meet the schedule and in the end they ensure that the customer is happy."

Teresa W.

"The end result. Legacy seemed to have all their ducks in a row and we appreciated that."

Peter G.

"The professionalism."

Phil B.

"Their professionalism. Their ability to know when to listen and when to give advice. The first [kitchen design company we talked to] wanted to railroad us into a certain look and we knew what we wanted. Arno heard that."

Homeowner in Dalhousie

"It was overall a very good experience. We had good guidance and they stayed on the timeline they had given us."

Jane M.

"Having the lot taken off me and made easy by the people at Legacy. I didn't have to do a lot of things and they were very helpful with the decisions. They also accommodated me in that they made it so my house was still livable during the renovation."

Mona C.

"I would say our designer at Legacy. We were just thrilled with him. He took the time and made the design work well for us. He answered my questions and we are happy with the kitchen."

Terry M.

"The fact they did what they said they were going to do. They followed through."

Chris E.

"The overall finished product exceeded our expectations and we are very happy with our kitchen and bathroom."

Pat H.

"The follow through...Danielle was absolutely wonderful about getting back to us about the small details like shelving that needed to be fixed and nicks to get fixed up. A lot of companies wouldn't be so thorough in this follow up and Legacy certainly was."

Caroylyn C.

"The finished product. They did everything to our expectation."

Stacy Y.

"The quality. You know what you are going to get and Legacy stands behind it."

Joan B.

"The whole overall design team and assembly people, how they worked together so smoothly and quickly."

Melinda C.

"I love my kitchen."

Cathy S.

"The thing that's so big to me is that it was so painless and so easy. We had come through a painful experience with this other company and I had given it (the kitchen reno) up and then Sharon came along with this great design and it went so smoothly. The design was great in terms of amazing functionality and it looks good too. Legacy knew what they were doing and that was evident from the designing with Sharon, right through the process to the final service."

Leslie L.

"Fantastic end product. Legacy treated me very very well, like a valuable client that they really wanted to be happy with the end result. They made sure that the issues were dealt with and followed up and not every company does this. I felt that as a Legacy client, it carried some weight and it was a big advantage in terms of dealing with the other Trades and Suppliers. They treated me with more respect because I was a Legacy client. Also, it was evident that all of Legacy's people really liked working for Legacy and had a lot of respect for the company. That definitely came through from the Service techs who are generally at a lower end of the system telling me that Legacy stands behind their product and work and saying it with enthusiasm. It points to a well run business that they value their employees and I am happy to support that. I understand that it's a locally owned company and I am also happy to support local businesses."

Gail O.

"The fact that my mom (who is in her senior years) is able to work in my kitchen and takes great pleasure in using it. Arno had really good suggestions and really considered my mother's needs in the design. It has made working in the kitchen a joy. My mom has earned it. We have had a few friends see our cabinets who have consistently said, 'it looks fantastic'. We agree it does."

Terry C.

"The guys that came into our place were all absolutely fabulous. They were professional and did their jobs very well. I would say that our experience with Legacy was the best of the whole renovation."

Derek B.

"Angela. She really extremely comfortable to deal with, like talking to a friend. She wasn't trying to sell you things you didn't want, but trying to make it work the best for you. That it all went quite seamlessly. Legacy took care of things."

Darcy D.

"The finished product [and the] Service department."

Roxanne M.

"Arno. He really did a stand up job. We were so impressed with Arno's professionalism that we were happy to go with Legacy."

Jeff D.

"The end product. We got a new kitchen that is a lot better than we ever imagined. Also, the whole process from Legacy was very good."

Theresa S.

"The people. They were all great."

Jacqui C.

"The end product - I am 100% happy with it. Jason - I didn't have any experience in dealing with kitchen design and he made it come together for me."

Rhonda M.

"That they were able to get it done in 6 weeks. The quality of the product. The professionalism of everyone involved."

Nick D.

"My magnificent kitchen - it's brilliant. I would say that it's world class."

Sean E.

"The end product. They were good to deal with, on time and the whole experience went better than I expected."

Laurie C.

"We are very happy...I have a beautiful kitchen."

Robert L.

"The end result is excellent and we are very happy with the good quality of cabinets...We would highly recommend Legacy."

Debbie P.

"The end product - it is exactly what we wanted. We have talked to a lot of people and one huge value is Legacy's management and scheduling of the project. It is huge value. Everyone was here when they were supposed to and there was minimal interruption to our lives."

Terris P.

"They all worked so well together. May doing all the scheduling - it all worked perfectly. They have a good working relationship and rhythm and trust. We are very happy."

Steven C.

"We have a great kitchen that works for us functionally and looks great…they (Legacy) are brilliant."

Tara G.

"I really like the end product. The communication was great. It was on schedule."

Rita A.

"We love the kitchen. We appreciated that everyone who came was here 'in the moment', not just doing their job, but here for us, to make this a great experience for us. We couldn't have asked for more."

Rick C.

"The way Legacy was willing to help me when I got into trouble with the renovation. The guy that was doing the work for me, bailed on me just before I was planning to go on holidays for a month, so I ended up staying in town and the people at Legacy stepped in and said "no problem, we'll help out". I really appreciated that they were willing to work around all that and support the project."

Shawn B.

"The design work. The prompt and on schedule timing of the project. We didn't have to chase Legacy for anything."

Lucie L.

"Their scheduling and timing. It took 7 weeks and it was so timely."

Denise B.

"My kitchen. It's fabulous and I love it."

Carolyn W.

"That they treated me like I wasn't just a customer number. It was personal and they were there to help if needed."

Homeowner in Marlborough Park

"Patience. This project needed it and Legacy had it."

Anne Marie H.

"What I learned about the whole process of kitchen design and implementation."

Teena B.

"The end result. We built a high end home and the very high quality of the cabinets is a large part of that."

Darlene D.

"The professionalism of everyone involved. Also the quality of work and the timeliness of it. I would say that part of the timing has to do with Brent's relationship with Legacy. Paul's installation was unbelievable. He was the major reflection of Legacy to us and we really liked his amazing work."

Katrina H.

"I love my kitchen. Right from the beginning, they were on time and it was obvious that they cared about accommodating me and my schedule. They said it would take 6-8 weeks and it actually took right on 6 weeks. Also, the follow up service was amazing. They took care of the little details without question. That was so good."

Marrian P.

"How particular they were about the finished product quality. Randy replaced a cabinet because the finish was off a bit and I really appreciated how much excellent quality was number one in their books."

Don S.

"Finishing on time and on budget with a design we were really happy with. Also, the quality of craftsmanship, design, product and followup."

Tracy C.

"The workmanship."

Brian W.

"It got done on time."

Homeowner in Douglasdale

"The overall relationship that developed from the Designer to the suggestion of…our General Contractor right through to the sub trades was good."

Deanne C.

"I love my kitchen and I get a ton of compliments on it."

Curtis P.

"The organization of the project. They met the schedule."

Rhonda S.

"I love my kitchen. Working with the whole group of them was a very positive experience and I can't say enough about them all."

Lyne C.

"May, definitely and honestly. She is great. She deserves a raise-let her bosses know that!"

Heather B.

"They were timely and predictable. They were dependable. They did it when they said they were going to."

Homeowner in Mackenzie Lake

"The efficiency of it. You hear stories about projects dragging on forever and Legacy's timing was spot on. We really liked that."

Mat S.

"Overall they just did a really good job from design to installation and service. It couldn't have gone better."

Kjelli H.

"Their level of professionalism. Their respect for the Client."

Melinda R.

"They were helpful with the designing guidance and gave good ideas as to ways to work in our space."

Enidd I.

"My nice new kitchen. Also, it was on schedule and they cleared all the garbage away."

Karen J.

"The fact that we didn't have to organize it, Legacy took care of that."

Homeowner in Sunalta

"The personal - everyone from Showroom to Service."

Eagle Engineering

"We like how the cabinets turned out and look."

Shelley J.

"Ken and Randy were great. Their quality of work, professionalism and work ethic was outstanding. I would be happy to have them both in our home again working on a project. Make sure Legacy knows that they should have 10 stars for their efforts and the their impact on Legacy as a company. Michael was great as well and I look forward to working on the bathroom project. I love it, love it, love it. I tell everyone about my kitchen and I am so impressed with it's functional design. Thank you Michael."

Tony R.

"Having the time to work thru the design with no pressure to make a fast decision. It took us 3 to 4 months to make the decision, we had time to think and rethink, we had things taken out and other things put back in. Steve gave us good honest feedback."

Pat D.

"That budget wise, they fit the bill."

Heather C.

"My new kitchen. Angela was excellent. I like the product."

Rob I.

"The quality of the cabinets for selection. The quality control check backs were good. There was a good process in place. Michael's input into the design."

Homeowner in Evergreen

"I have a beautiful kitchen. It was done very timely."

Anita A.

"I wanted a new kitchen and I got a great one from Legacy."

Wendy B.

"Trust- I would certainly use them again. The quality of the work and they were right on the scheduling. I love the end product. We were also very happy with the businesses they recommended."

Kerry B.

"Legacy was a 'one stop shop'. All their staff was professorial and we were confident they would do a good job. We would not have to micro manage anything."

Tom M.

"They were very good to work with, very knowledgeable."

Homeowner in Coach Hill

"Not being rushed during the design phase. The ability to think outside the box in terms of ordering the cabinet fronts."


"The help on the design…that was impressive. Also, everyone was quite pleasant to deal with. We weren't stressed dealing with anyone at Legacy and that was very nice."

Derek D.

"They helped make a house into a home."

Chris H.

"They delivered on their commitment."

Homeowner in Silver Springs

"They definitely stayed on schedule. Their work was professional and well done. We love the end result."

Homeowner in Bonavista

"It was done in a timely manner and they were actually on schedule. That was great."

Pat L.

"I love my new kitchen, it's beautiful."

Sandy C.

"Every step was handled by them."

Cindy Y.

"My new kitchen."

Ed B.

"The people. I'm a guy that likes quality and Legacy had good quality people. We related well to them - to Arno, Danielle, Juraj, Randy, Ken and Andre. That's #1 for me. We also appreciated the quality of work they all did."

Kathy H.

"They were very kind because my mom just passed away and so our schedule was quite off. They were all good at filling in the gaps that needed to be taken care of while we were dealing with this funeral/loss. They helped us get organized. It was a project that managed itself. I also truly value the end product."

Hanna B.

"The most important thing for me was the timing. I thought I could live without a kitchen for a while, but it was more difficult than I thought it would be and Legacy helped by being right on schedule and getting it done very quickly."

Nancy C.

"The kitchen is spectacular. I also had a real comfort zone with everyone I dealt with there. There is a family feel to the company and I never felt like they were in a rush and I was getting in their way. I never felt pressured about the time or decisions and I appreciated that. I think that it's great that they value my feedback and provide a survey opportunity like this."

Cheryl J.

"The timely manner in which everything was done. Also, it was done to perfection and again, done on time."

Rob V.

"Our satisfaction with the end product."

Bob B.

"My wife's happiness - she's ecstatic about this kitchen. It exceeded her expectations and is more than what she wanted. The professional way they did it."

Homeowner in Ranchlands

"The experience with Jason was very good, but I would say that all the others we dealt with at Legacy were equally obliging and willing. My beautiful kitchen. The fact that everyone came on time and the schedule they gave us - they hit right on. There were no surprises. The Trades showed up on time, they did what they were to do and got it done. It was an all around great experience."

Lisa M.

"The end result, I love my kitchen. They made it easy for me. I met with the Interior Designer and never walked away feeling like I had made a wrong decision. There was no stress and as I said, they made it easy for me. I had fantastic service from Marc, Randy and Mike."

Wendy D.

"My new kitchen, the size and the flow. You spend a lot of time and research deciding whether to move or do a renovation and this renovation has made the decision we made to renovate, worthwhile."

Cheryl M.

"Overall the service was great, great timing and everything."

Laura I.

"The customer service. From Jason to the Installers to the coordination with Danielle, it was all very good."

Wendy V.

"The end result. That everything was on time. No one believed that it would happen on schedule and it did and that was great."

Paul B.

"I have beautiful cabinets in our 1950's bungalow that I love."

Julie R.

"My great kitchen."

Darlene K.

"It was seamless. We lived here during and it went very well. The end result. It's beautiful. It's the best money I ever spent. I would say that I got great cabinets for less money than it was going to cost at the Home Depot, as well as a great design and seamless process."

Teresa L.

"We were able to reach our designer whenever we needed to. Everything went according to plan, no hiccups, no delays, everything went well."

Joan W.

"My lovely new kitchen. I am very happy with the way it turned out."

Homeowner in Altadore

"The honesty and integrity of the process. They promised and delivered which was extremely high on our list of things. It was almost as painless as a reno can be. Everything was dealt with and we didn't have to fight to get the issues resolved. They get a real thumbs up in terms of project management and design."

Brenda M.

"The final result was worth the time it took."

Larry M.

"The final product. The 'wow factor' of the final product. What we got is what we anticipated."

Robert L.

"The professionalism of their staff: The staff love what they are doing and because they love it they listen, talk, explain, they clean up after themselves, they care. They are respectful of us as customers."

Menno Simons Christian School

"The front office looks great. It is a great quality product. It feels good to work in this space."

Homeowner in Maple Ridge

"We really enjoyed working with the Legacy people. Any issues that came up were resolved with no questions asked, they were very accommodating. This was our first renovation so it was helpful having good people to interact with. Angela really helped in the decision making process."

Patti F.

"The end product and the relationships; I got to know my designer well enough that I will feel comfortable calling them in the future if I need help."

Mark M.

"I would say the service and the attention to detail, even post completion. Our designer checked-in with me to make sure we were pleased. Legacy was very professional."

Julie N.

"They do a good job of explaining what their product is. Also, the finished product. It's got Wow factor."

Doug Z.

"The Design itself. Also their service was good. I've seen the same product elsewhere, but you don't get the intangibles, such as the design and the good service at those places."

Tim C.

"The amount of product available in the Showroom in terms of different types of cabinets and stains."

Cheryl M.

"They were very accessible. Anytime I contacted them, they got back to me quickly. Also, they came when they said they would and that was remarkable."

Wayne H.

"Going from the design stage to the finished product. We enjoyed the process and really like the finished product."

Larry N.

"In the big boom I went to all the various kitchen places and Legacy was the only one that treated me well even though I didn't have a huge budget. In the end, it was how I was treated and Legacy was exceptional in that regard."

Steve W.

"The efficiency of it. It was done on time and they gave us accurate estimates as to how long things would take and they were very accurate. Our designer said one and a half days and it was. They know what they are doing. They were very good. They said when they were going to be here and they were. That is worth a lot. They were also good with my kids, they were clean, courteous and professional."

Lorraine J.

"We didn't exactly know what we wanted when we went to Legacy and Steve was able to figure out what it was and put it into place. He perfected the vision and was very considerate of our wants and needs and we really appreciated that."

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