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The Essential Home Renovation Survival Guide

Your renovation doesn't have to be stressful and chaotic. Yes, there are challenges, but if you start with the right mindset, plan ahead and pick the right renovator you'll be able to set realistic expectations for yourself. Here's our guide for "surviving" the renovation process:

1It Starts with Mindset

Have a positive outlook. Each challenge is an opportunity for creative thinking and the end result will be worth the effort.
Be prepared for a 'hiccup' and commit ahead of time to approach each with a collaborative spirit.
Your renovation timeline and budget will be proportional to your scope-of-work. Set realistic goals up front and stick to them.
Stay on top of your homework. The timing of your decisions (ex. choosing hardware, selecting appliances) will have an impact on your project schedule.

2Planning is Key

Talk to your design pro about what to expect.
Request an accurate design.
Establish a clear scope of work.
Ask for a fixed quote.
Plan for a contingency (don't max out your budget before the project starts).
Set a detailed schedule.
Make a plan for how you'll live (where you'll sleep, cook and eat) during each phase of the reno.

3Pick the Right Renovator

Choose people who you can see yourself working with and who understand your vision for your reno.
Look for a team with professional, experienced designers.
No team is complete without a coordinator to be your advocate and to manage your project from start-to-finish.
Know who is doing your work - your renovator should be able to tell you the name of each person working on your project.
Make sure all contractors working on your project are insured.
Ask for recommendations and look for reviews/testimonials online.
Look for a professional showroom with a wide range of quality products.
Make sure your renovator has a formal approach to warranty and service visits.

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