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Should I Work with a Renovation Company or Hire Individual Trades?

Renovations bring together a diverse group of experts across professions - coordinating this diverse group is the key to a successful renovation. At one end of the coordination spectrum is managing each of the individual contractors yourself - at the other end is hiring a renovation company (like Legacy Kitchens) to coordinate all of the trades. We think our approach works best - here's why:


Scheduling is the most complex aspect of any renovation. The timing of each trade's work has many interdependencies including other trades, product availability, permits and inspections. At Legacy, each project is assigned a single coordinator who will organize and manage a single calendar for every aspect of your project. Because of our close and long-standing relationships with our contractors, we're able to control the interdependencies and avoid the inevitable scheduling conflicts you'd experience by managing each contractor individually. Our approach makes for more efficient timelines and gives our customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything is being taken care of.

"The schedule by Legacy Kitchens was awesome. It was really helpful as a day by day thing and they kept to it which was amazing. It was also a huge help for our planning and knowing who would be in and out of the house."
Janet H.


Relationships are the core of our business and we have established close working relationships with some of Calgary's best tradespeople. These close relationships allow us to effectively manage the lines of communication so that our trades are always working together to make your renovation a success. When you work with Legacy, you'll have a single point of contact (your coordinator) who will carry the burden of communication and project management.

"May is a goddess. It's not just the organization and that everybody was on time and we knew when they were coming. The goddess part is May's personality. You could see that they are like family at Legacy Kitchens and they work together. There is a relationship between all of these folks. May would be in communication with you right away. You never felt like you didn't know what was going on. If you needed May, you could call her at any time. She cared about who you and Legacy became part of our family because they showed that they care. The caring is not just about the product. It's about the people."
Isabella A.


When you hire individual trades, you are also responsible for negotiating each contract and managing changes with each contractor individually. At Legacy, we'll wrap as much of the project as possible into a single package price, making it simpler to keep your budget under control. For those special items which do not naturally fit under your Legacy contract, we'll connect you with a high quality contractor that you can trust and your Legacy coordinator will still handle all of the scheduling.

"Our typical experience with Contractors is that the jobs are over budget, behind schedule and the quality is poor. But with Legacy Kitchen it was the opposite. Our kitchen renovation was on budget, on schedule and the quality was great."


We only work with professional, reliable tradespeople with the proper qualifications and insurance. We hold our contractors to a high level of accountability, supported by our own inspection and service staff and backed by the exclusive Alberta Renovation Warranty Program.

"The kitchen design was beautiful. Everything that I asked for was looked after. We did a full out renovation...with other Contractors, if it's not quite right, they would say: That's as good as it gets. Some Contractors don't mind if it is not right. Legacy made sure it was 100% right. They replaced anything that wasn't perfect. I thought I was being too picky, but Legacy made it clear that they wanted everything to be right."
Marina B.


We've been renovating homes in Calgary for 40 years - in that time our designers, coordinators, site supervisors and tradespeople have overcome every kind of renovation challenge imaginable. From building codes to the latest products and technology, our team is constantly adding to our knowledge. Combined with the collective experience of our trades partners, we're confident that we'll be able to make any dream you have for your home a reality.

"Legacy's Installer definitely knows his stuff. It was nice having him in the home because you felt that you could trust him. He demonstrated quality. He did a good job of answering our questions. The Installer takes pride in work, his work space and all that he does."
Tina G.

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