Open Concept Renovations – 3 Things to Know Before You Start

Open concept floor plans have become increasingly popular in recent years. If your home wasn’t originally designed with an open floor plan, not to worry – our Total Reno team can help. Here are three key things to think about if you’re considering wall removal or relocation as part of your kitchen, main floor or whole home renovation.

Open Concept Kitchen Renovation Calgary

1Bear the load

Your home has two types of interior walls – some that contribute to the structural integrity of your home and others that do not. Walls that are not load bearing are considerably easier to remove or reposition. If the wall is load bearing, some additional considerations are required. Removing load bearing walls requires a structural engineer, and may necessitate the rerouting of services such as plumbing, HVAC and electrical. New beams or other supports may also be needed to ensure that your home remains structurally stable. Our Total Reno team will connect you with the most skilled and trusted professionals for this critical work.

2Weigh the cost

Changing your floor plan by removing walls will be one of the most transformative aspects of your home reno, but it also comes with a cost. While a contingency fund is important for any home renovation project, it is absolutely critical if you plan on removing load bearing walls. If your home is older, your project will have a greater potential for surprises. With a commitment to preparedness and great communication, you can pursue this aspect of your dream home renovation with confidence.

3Explore your options

Talk with one of our professional designers to prioritize your renovation wish list. We’ll help you to visualize your new floorplan and maximize its potential. After you’ve identified load bearing walls and weighed the cost of wall removal or relocation, you may wish to consider alternatives to give your floor plan an open feel. Whatever you decide, our designers will provide great creative solutions to suit any home configuration.

Have questions about planning your renovation around an open concept floor plan? Our Total Reno team would love to help.

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