Pro Tips for Living Through a Total Home Renovation

Pro Tips for Living Through a Total Home Renovation

1 Establish a temporary kitchen Determine where your family is going to eat (and wash dishes!) during the renovation process. Build your meals around small appliances such as a toaster oven, slow-cooker or (if the weather permits) your barbecue.
2 Have a plan for pets and kids Set aside some space for playtime. Having toys centralized will help minimize clutter in your temporary living setup. Consider mapping out a route for your pets to keep them safe and out of the way.
3 Stay on top of your homework Home renovations are all about teamwork. Make sure that all of your style and material selections are completed as soon as possible to prevent any unnecessary project delays.
4 Maintain a detailed schedule Having an understanding of project timelines and dependencies will allow you to visualize the critical points in your project while keeping you mindful of the big picture.
5 Keep an open mind If you’re willing to explore new ideas that emerge during the process, your end result will be better than what you had imagined.
6 Set aside a contingency budget Put some money aside for any surprise expenses that may arise. This is a best practice for any renovation that will give you some peace of mind.
7 Work with a professional renovator Make sure that your chosen contractor or builder has a proven track record of successful home renovations. Of course, we’re partial to our team with over 35 years of renovation experience and people who care deeply about helping you to transform your home.

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