What is Contemporary Design?

Contemporary kitchen design represents the sleek, clean, and minimal simplicity characteristic of modernity. Straighter lines with geometric curves form the asymmetrical yet balanced look that is Contemporary design. This experimental style makes use of synthetic mixtures of wood while creatively employing many other materials both traditional and modern. The materials characteristic of other styles such as wood, stone, and metal are employed by Contemporary kitchen designers in unexpected, innovative ways. These are supplemented by new and different materials to create a bold, fresh feel.

A linear simplicity, though it appears basic in detail, may in fact be exceedingly complex in function. Contemporary kitchens are typically open and airy, contributing to the clean, modern style they represent.

Contemporary kitchen designers love to experiment with various materials, surface designs, and lighting, making the environment one of tranquil repose. Crisp, forward thinking and the “less is more” approach of Contemporary style along with its emphasis on form and function challenges more traditional styles and pushes the design envelope.

Contemporary Kitchen Design

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