What is Olde World Design?

The style of the Olde World blows through the present as a breeze from the past centuries of Western Europe, particularly Italy and France. Olde World is a rustic style intended to look antique, lived-in, and worn. Natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal predominate to create an intentionally aged look, over and against the sleek modern synthetics belonging to Contemporary design.

Distressing, fading, patina, and other methods are used to highlight the intrinsic quality and natural beauty of the materials. Certain elements are presented boldly to give a distinct feel of antiquity, such as wider rope moldings, the use of more paints and glazes than Traditional design, and the distressing of woods and other materials. Soft, romantic curves give way to heavy detail, unique carvings, roping, finishes, and hardware blended together with exposed stone and metals dressed in rustic paints and glazes.

The lived-in warmth of Olde World design is the perfect complement to antique furniture or mismatched pieces, and helps any home feel more inviting and restful.

Olde World Design

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